10 Cute Lessons That We Should All Consider Teaching Our Children

It may feel intimidating to know that you have produced this little beautiful being that could either contribute to the destruction of this Earth, or make it better.

But I promise you, raising a child to be conscious of other people and the world around them isn’t that difficult when you yourself have already chosen to be a great server to humanity. Children look up to their parents or any other adult they frequently see in their lives, and this is a pretty magical thing. It keeps adults accountable and mindful of their actions and words and, because children wear their emotions on their face, if you behave in a way they don’t understand or simply don’t like, you’ll know it. Illustrator Astkhik Rakimova wanted to provide some visual lessons for each of us to consider when it comes to raising a child. It’s inevitable that they will make mistakes, but such moments offer opportunities for learning and growth. Children naturally want to learn, and if we can better prepare them for difficult moments, we can help them to build both confidence within themselves and compassion for others. Remember, to them, you are their best friend, their whole world.

They need you more than they know. What adults may not also realize, however, is that we need them too.

They offer us daily reminders of how we speak, react, and behave, acting as unconscious mirrors that often embody habits and quirks we never even knew we had.

They keep us self aware. Check out these next 10 comics, and let us know what else we should teach our children in the comments section below. .

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