Welcome to The Article Feed.

The Article Feed is the name of a news feed project where several sources contribute to provide a fresh, dynamic collection of articles.

This site is committed to quality.
The fact underlying quality, is that an article is of potential interest to the readers along the internet. From other side, we are aware that often sensationalism drives general public interest and we try to avoid yellow topics as well as main newspapers trends. For clarifying interesting, we understand that news mainly promote:

  • Learning motivation
  • Science, understood as not only Mainstream materialistic science.
  • Improvement on general understanding of human's life on earth.
  • How to eat, live healthy
  • Light on aspects of Politics or Economics that affect us all
  • Earth Environmental Issues


The project aims to create a mashup of news from several digital sources, tag them accordingly and present them in a unified context, as an effort to, first, enhance the communication on interesting (as described above) content, and second, serve as an authority checker for all the collected content, which we catalog and analyze in our side.


Articles published in this site meet our quality criteria.
There are few authors providing original content for The Article Feed, articles originally created clearly show the author section below the title.

The content collected from external sources, doesn't have an author header, instead, it has a proper reference to the original article, at the source site.

Every article has a set of references, unless it is an opinion article written by us, where the reader can follow other sources and find more clues on the matter of the article.

Few pickers help the supervision process to allow the publication of good quality external articles. Get further info on how we do this, in the Collect section.


This system makes use of Natural Language Processing technology as an inference of information to classify external content, and make it eligible to be published in the presentation site. Every external article published in this site, has its own source, and must be visited to get further authorship.


You can bookmark any article in this site with a click on the bookmark icon above the article title.
Bookmarks are saved as a cookie, so those bookmarks will not be there if you use a different browser from the one you use to save them.
To delete a bookmark, just go to the article and click back on the bookmark icon, it will be removed from the Bookmarks section, in the sidebar.

Published deadline

Content is updated daily.
Articles not visited for a long period of time, tent to be removed as the published content is thought to be a batch of temporal set of interesting news, and discrete in terms of density (we do not want to have the site full of dead pages).
Articles on written by us will never be deleted.

This feature makes the collected articles we publish may last up to 6 months with no visit. After that time, they are eligible to be deleted as the system updates the content warehouse to keep up performance and so to store only information that is useful for the visitors.


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