10 Lies You Were Taught In School

School systems are old.Not everything we learn or are taught is correct, up to date and in tune with what we actually know.

. If you’re an avid reader and researcher, you’ll know that much of what we’re commonly taught and what is common knowledge in the mainstream is either not complete or false all together. It’s great to question what we know, from any source! Questioning things and having healthy intelligent conversation around them is a crucial part of evolving our knowledge and advancing forward as a species. But when we allow belief systems or emotions to get in the way, we don’t always see things clearly. So it’s important to remember to question what we know from a place of open mindedness and peace so as to not let those factors get in the way. Sometimes, it’s easier to describe science and other subjects to younger audiences by omitting the more complicated details, but what are some of the biggest fibs you get told during your school years? Did Thomas Edison really invent the light-bulb? Is there actually no gravity in space? Find out in this quick video from Alltime10s. .

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