10 Weird Thoughts Every Introvert Has
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10 Weird Thoughts Every Introvert Has

Do you ever have weird thoughts as an introvert? Do you feel abnormal for being on the quiet side? It seems like the world tells you it’s not okay to be less than overly social.
10 Weird Thoughts Every Introvert Has

Extroverted people are always making you feel inadequate for preferring to be quiet. Have you ever been out with some friends and thought to yourself, “I’d rather be painting right now”? Whether you would rather be painting, reading, playing video games or whatever else, one of your recurring weird thoughts as an introvert is wishing to do something a little less social. It’s nothing against your friends or even the activity you’re doing. You just know you’d be having a little bit more fun doing something of your choice alone at home. Author Susan Cain, who writes about being an introvert, explains how being introverted can be linked with creativity as well. Simply talking with people may be boring to an introvert as it’s not creatively stimulating. You may be really close to your roommates, but sometimes you really don’t want to talk to ANYONE. Questioning whether you will have to run into your roommates sounds like quite a weird thought, as well as a dramatic one. Most people wouldn’t mind spontaneously socializing with their roommates in the kitchen, but for you, it just sounds like too much effort right now. When you first start to hang out with someone, you kind of feel like you need to talk the whole time you hang out. You really enjoy spending time with close friends that you’ve known for a long time. With these people, you can hang out without speaking and it’s totally fine. You don’t have to have any weird thoughts, like “Is this awkward?” or “is he or she bored?”. When you are “set free” to socialize, your peers rejoice while you wallow in feelings of doom and start trying to rack your brain for things to say. When at a party, for example, you’d much rather play an organized drinking game then just mingle and talk! If you are on your own, you become plagued with so many weird questions and thoughts. Who should I talk to next? Is this person starting to get sick of talking to me? If I go to the bathroom will I be able to find another person to talk to after? Talking in person seems to take sooo much energy. You’d feel so much more relaxed if you were having a conversation on an instant messenger. When talking online, you don’t have to respond as quickly and, therefore, have more time to think of a good response. You don’t have to worry about eye contact other social cues either. When you are an introvert, talking can be hard at any time of the day but ESPECIALLY in the morning. Being social feels like work and obviously, work is even harder when your brain is still asleep. Making small talk or presenting a project can seem twice as hard before 2 or 3 pm. Just because you’re a social early bird doesn’t necessarily mean you’re living a good life. If you ask me why I’m so quiet one more time, I will CUT you! You are simply tired of people asking you the same dumb questions over and over. You’re quiet because you feel like being quiet! Is that so crazy?! With all the extra time you have, not talking, you have weird thoughts popping in your head more than the average person. But hey... that’s what makes us introverts so interesting! While many people view a party as a grand occasion to have fun, you view a party as a chore. It stresses you out to talk to a different person every couple of minutes...and dancing in front of other people? FORGET IT! On a Saturday night, you would way rather hang out with a small group of friends or even alone. Being invited to a party might as well be a three-hour prison sentence. You catch yourself knowing really random information that you shouldn’t know. You wonder if it would creep someone out that you know their middle name when they don’t even know your first name. It’s not like you stalked them or really tried to figure this information out in any way, it’s just that you’re observant. When you watch what goes around you, undistracted to the urge to talk to others. You just happen to hear people say things to each other and you remember them like you would anything else. As an introvert you enjoy not talking, it’s as simple as that. A lot of the time, especially in social situations, people will ask you if you are okay when you are alone. You’re not depressed and nothing is wrong...you’re just content to not talk or interact with anyone socially right now. You may have weird thoughts, like “Is it weird that people are so concerned about me? Does that mean I’m weird?”. Really, other people just don’t get it.

They just don’t understand what it’s like to be an introvert. What other weird thoughts do you have as an introvert? Share them with us in the comment sect.

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