12 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity & Brighten Your Day

Certain elements of the human experience can certainly be depressing, especially if you regularly tune in to the daily news.

While most newscasts do feature at least one or two uplifting or positive stories, the bulk of the broadcast focuses on horrific events happening all over the world. Whether it be a murder, a traffic accident, a viral pandemic, or anything else of that nature, it’s hard to stay informed without feeling at least a little despondent about the future. This reality seems to have stretched into our social media news feeds as well. With more and more major news platforms recognizing that social media is a key to maintaining their reach, most of us are now being bombarded with depressing story after depressing story. While some may argue this is a slight improvement over the previous state of their feed, which primarily featured cat videos, baby pictures, and unnecessary food selfies, it’s hard to justify something which makes us feel so powerless and sad, day after day. As someone who has and continues to produce content on both sides of the spectrum, I do see the value in both being accessible to us. But with the scales seemingly tipping in favour of doom and gloom, I think it is incredibly important that we make an effort to seek out the positive stories, too. Believe it or not, there are just as many good things happening around the world as there are bad. To help prove that to you, I’ve compiled a series of 15 photos that should brighten your day and help to restore some of the faith in humanity that the mainstream works so hard to strip away. Source While many will argue that all public libraries are free, there is something particularly heartwarming about those that pop up in a local community unasked for. Every day on my way to work I pass one on a residential area, and have often seen several people both contributing to and taking from it. Source These two gentlemen went beyond the call of duty to save a lamb from drowning. If the heroic act wasn’t impressive enough, the fact that they put themselves in danger to accomplish it makes it even more remarkable. Source This rollerblader noticed an injured seagull while out for a skate and decided to stop and help it get a much needed drink (which it appears to have appreciated deeply). Source After losing one of its legs by stepping on a land mine, this elephant is helped by a prosthetic built by some caregivers.

There are few easier ways to make a positive difference in this world than random acts of kindness. Let this simple one inspire you to do one today! Source Being unemployed is tough enough; it becomes even harder when you need to spend money to achieve the image necessary for someone to consider hiring you. This Dry Cleaners helps people look for work without having to incur this added financial burden. Source It’s bad enough that in many popular areas of the city we need to pay for parking. It becomes that much worse when we lose track of the time and end up adding on the cost of a ticket. Meter Homie comes through to help this stranger out. Source Despite being 100 years old, Lillian Weber has made over 1,000 dresses for young girls in need, at the rate of 1 dress per day. What’s your excuse? Source This young boy dives right in to save a baby deer from drowning. Source Some Canadian transit passengers decided to still pay their fare even when an access point to the transit system was left unattended. Source With so much food being wasted daily, it only makes sense for bigger chains to step up and share with those in need. Source A young child hands a frontline police officer a heart-shaped balloon during protests in Romania. .

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