15 Before & After Pics Show The Difference A Day Of Adoption Can Make To A Shelter Pet

I found these pictures floating around on the web and had to share them.I grew up with a dog who had been abandoned and dropped off at a shelter before we adopted him.

. He had many problems, so much so that it is highly doubtful that another family would have taken him in. He would have been euthanized. I have also grown up with a dog that was not adopted out of a shelter, and I feel that animals who are taken away from cruel, heartbreaking circumstances display a higher ‘frequency’ of love because of their previous experiences. That being said, animals who are not adopted out of a shelter also (obviously) display a great deal of love and appreciation. Animals are so unique. Each has their own personality, but all of them are emotionally complex, intelligent, and full of amazing potential. We have so much to learn from them, and one common theme here at Collective Evolution is to speak for them as much as we can.

They are special souls without a voice, so it’s our responsibility to be that voice for them.

The way we treat animals on this planet is truly heartbreaking, and one of many we things we need to change if we are to move forward and change our world for the better. So, if you are thinking about adding a new member to your family, please consider adopting from a shelter. One choice can change an animal’s life forever, as well as your own, and it might be one of the greatest decisions you ever make. Related CE Articles (out of many other related ones): This Guy Didn’t Speak For 365 Days To Raise Awareness About Animals Chilling Cruelty, Unspeakable Suffering And Corporate Denial: The Real Cost Of Canada Goose Jackets The Truth About Sea World In A 30 Second Video What Would You Do If An Orangutan Said This To You – This Is Something Everybody Should Experience Dead Whales Are Showing Up Bringing Us A Message The Entire World Should See US Navy To Blow Up Whales, Dolphins and Other Marine Mammals With Sonar Weapons Testing Help Stop Denmark’s Annual Festival Of Massive Whale And Dolphin Slaughter PETA’s Banned Thanksgiving Ad That You Will Never See On TV Woman Chooses Torture To Raise Awareness About Animal Testing 10 Alarming Facts About Factory Farms That Will Break Your Heart .

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