18 Brilliant Illustrations That Showcase Everything Wrong With The World Today

The world always has been and is consistently changing, but it seems to be evolving at a far more rapid pace today than it did twenty plus years ago.

Much of this can be attributed to the massive leaps in technological advancements, but even that would not have created the change that it has without our reaction to it. Political art satirist Paweł Kuczyński has created a series of illustrations that vividly depict a number of these changes and their impact on the world that we are creating for ourselves. From our dietary choices, to our social behaviours, to political fallacies and much more, Pawel shows us all the world we live in, in a completely new light. To date, Pawel has created well over 30 images relating to this subject matter, but here are 18 that I personally feel are the most impactful and thought-provoking. Included with each of the 18 images is a brief write-up of what I personally took from the piece. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts via the comment section below! Paweł Kuczyński I’ve always wondered how the domestication of certain animals and not others was initially decided, and this piece shows us the double standard of the domesticity of animals. What truly differentiates a domesticated cat or dog from a cow, chicken, pig, or any other commonly killed and consumed animal? Should they not all be respected and treated with love? Paweł Kuczyński Social media truly has become our most powerful weapon when standing up for what we believe in. It’s time for us all to use it wisely rather than to just watch cat videos or to show off the highlight reel aspects of our otherwise typical lives. Paweł Kuczyński Continuing on the social media theme, its rampant growth has resulted in it becoming the primary form of socialization for many of us. Rather than getting out and experiencing the world for ourselves, we continually choose to view it vicariously through the lives of others. Unlike real prison, the door away from social media is always open. Paweł Kuczyński In the campaign stages of nearly every political campaign, all candidates sound incredible.

They make promises, are charismatic, and make bold statements challenging the current way of being. But with so many not following through on their promises, are these words even worth listening to? Paweł Kuczyński The disparity between the world’s wealthy and poor is far too big, and this illustration perfectly shows how a bare necessity to all can be abused and taken for granted by others. Paweł Kuczyński While some alternative energy strides have been made, we still seem eventually doomed for a reality where our environment becomes quite toxic. To avoid this reality, we need to finally put the well-being of ourselves and the planet as the top priority rather than financial wealth. Paweł Kuczyński The use of children in this image perfectly depicts how nonsensical the current distribution of wealth is worldwide. What is seen as a toy to some is nothing more than a means for work and ultimately survival to others. Paweł Kuczyński To me, this image shows the inability of so many of us to think of the long-term implications of many of our decisions. In the moment something may seem sensical, but its long-term impact may drastically outweigh the value of what we are currently using it for. Paweł Kuczyński With every new leader comes the illusion of change.

They may seem different than the last, but they ultimately all come from the same place. Paweł Kuczyński While book smarts are certainly valuable they aren’t the only thing important for the younger generations to be taught.

There should be far more to the schooling system than what the current standard curriculum dictates. Paweł Kuczyński The use of Pinocchio to illustrate that much of the current political system is built on a foundation of lies just below the surface is pure genius to me. Paweł Kuczyński Are democratic societies actually democratic? Or are we given the illusion of choice while ultimately being shepherded to the only successor being truly considered? Paweł Kuczyński Another illustration depicting the underlying issue with the distribution of wealth. A resource that is so scarce to some is casually discarded by others. Paweł Kuczyński They are both children equally deserving of a fun and expansive childhood, but they experience completely different realities solely because of where and what they are born into. Does this seem fair? Paweł Kuczyński No matter how grim the current landscape has become there always are symbols of hope in this world. But how many of them are we actually allowed to see and celebrate? Paweł Kuczyński This illustration spoke to me about presence. Even when engaged in something as stimulating as intimacy can be, how many of us are actually fully present physically and mentally? Paweł Kuczyński Addiction affects so many of us, either directly or vicariously through a loved one. This illustration perfectly shows how certain things are designed to create that. Paweł Kuczyński There is a definitive difference between actually solving a problem and simply masking it. How many of our seeming solutions are actually getting to the core of what needs to be changed? .

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