2 Short Videos To Get Your A** In Gear & Inspire You To Be Great

“In this life, you are never going to be younger than you are right now.” I first heard this statement in the movie The Spectacular Now, and it hit me so profoundly that I was never able to look at the world in the same way again.

There is nothing particularly revolutionary about the idea itself — in fact it’s quite commonsensical when you think about it — but for some reason it struck a chord that I just couldn’t shake off. We all have those particular quotes, videos, or personal experiences that, for one reason or another, impacted us profoundly. In hopes of sparking that within you, I wanted to share two particular videos that I feel have the potential to do just that.

The first is from speaker, performing artist, visionary, and filmmaker Prince Ea. Titled Why Most People Die Before Age 25, it outlines how we all have greatness within us and why now is the time for us to stop obsessing over the irrelevant and to instead step into our personal potential. The second video is one of my own, created just last week to share similar lessons I’ve learned over the years. My intention is to remind us all of how much bigger a role our attitude plays in our lives than the circumstances we find ourselves in.

The video is titled 8 Mental Shifts To Help Trigger Success Happiness. ———————— What are your thoughts on these videos? Do they inspire you to go after what you would like to accomplish in life? Please be sure to share any other favourite videos, quotes, or stories that get you going in the comments below! .

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