21 Funny Comebacks to Use When Asked Awkward Personal Questions
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21 Funny Comebacks to Use When Asked Awkward Personal Questions

We get asked personal stuff all the time.It’s when it makes us feel uncomfortable and on the spot that it would be really nice to have a witty response in our back pocket.
21 Funny Comebacks to Use When Asked Awkward Personal Questions

. Having a couple of readymade funny comebacks to bat across the net eases the discomfort. It puts the ball firmly in the other person’s court. By using a clever response we are alleviating tension and focusing attention away from ourselves. Not to mention that we come out of the situation looking pretty witty. All of a sudden the tables have turned. So, what kinds of situations are we talking about? There are universal topics that we all find awkward: Now let’s get to it. First up, what sort of awkward personal questions are we talking about? Secondly, what can we say that’s not too rude but will get our point across? The point being of course that whatever they have asked is none of their business. Some cultures talk about money and how much they earn as a matter of national pride. Others most certainly do not. For example, British people find it hugely distasteful to disclose or even ask a person about their salary. So if you are asked: “How much money do you make?” You can reply in any of the following ways: Families, we don’t choose them, we can’t live without them. However, there are certain times during the year when we have to spend time with them. Christmas, Easter, religious festivals, we can’t get away from them. As with all social gatherings, you get friction. Obviously, each family has its own dynamic and a particular set of problems, but here are a few common scenarios: “Family is important, why don’t you come home more often?” There’s also the question of children and siblings in the family. “Can you babysit your sister’s/brother’s children?” “Your brother graduated from Harvard last month, what are you doing with your life?” Why is a person’s sexual orientation anyone’s business but their own? But certain people; for example, relatives, school friends, work colleagues, seem to think they a right to know. Well, if this is what they ask, here are some examples of witty comebacks you can use: “You’ve got very short hair, are you a lesbian?” “Are you gay?” I remember going to get some headache tablets from my local chemists and the pharmacist warned me not to buy certain ones as I was pregnant. I wasn’t. Moreover, I told her. You should have seen her face. She looked so guilty. It was an honest mistake, but I went home and started yoga. Questions about weight can be devastating. Here’s what to say: “Are you pregnant?” “You’re too thin for me.” “Are you worried about all your weight gain?” Bless those elderly relatives who think it is their business to interrogate their sons or daughters about having kids. If you dread visiting your in-laws because of the incessant questioning about when you are going to start having children, read on: “When are you going to start a family?” This is another situation that people like to stick their noses in and rummage around for answers. A couple that is living together for a long period of time and has not yet proposed? What’s going on? We need answers!! Here is what you can say: “When are you guys getting married?” I hope I’ve given you some funny comebacks to use when people are asking you rude and embarrassing questions. But the main thing to remember if it all gets a little too personal, there’s no law that says you have to answer at all. You can always say the following: However, I have to say, it is really satisifying to deliver a killer punch comeback when someone is deliberately trying to make you feel uncomfortable or nervous. On that note, why not let us know if you have any funny comebacks you’d like to share! R.

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