5 Mantras For Complete Well-Being & A Mindful Life

Change your mantras, change your world.You already have inner mantras.You think and say them unconsciously in fact.

t. You see, mantras are not a group of mysterious utterances or sounds from monks sitting on mountaintops in Tibet.

They are the thoughts we hold every day, the words we utter over and over again about ourselves, our world, and about those around us.

They are thought patterns that we have made habitual, that in fact create our world, both spiritual and physical. Thoughts are things – they have power and they have energy. Physicists tell us that, ultimately, all matter can be broken down into nothing but energy, and our thoughts are part of that energy. Doctors now tell us that there is a mind-body connection and that our thoughts, our stress, our anxieties can have a negative impact on our physical well-being; likewise positive thoughts can have a positive impact on our physical well-being too. Why, then, would you choose any thoughts or words that are not positive? Here are typical mantras of our lives: Each time these mantras are thought or said, you have given them energy and power. And they will help you manifest in your life exactly what you have thought or said. Most of these negative mantras have been ingrained into our thinking by habit. Perhaps we grew up in a household in which these negative mantras were spoken; maybe we have fallen into the “groupthink” patterns of our friends and co-workers. And the Universe responds accordingly to all of them. If you think lack, you will have lack; if you think illness, you will become ill; if you think fear, you will reap things to be afraid of. Imagine the difference in your life if you could change those negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones! And you can do this, if you are willing to learn positive thinking and work to break your bad habits, just as you would break any other habit you have. Whenever you have a negative thought or make a negative statement, immediately stop yourself and say its opposite. So, if you are thinking, “I am so tired,” change it out and repeat several times, “I am filled with energy right now.” You can do this all day long if necessary. And you can do it with any negative thought or word until your habits are changed. And once those habits are changed, the positive daily mantras take over, changing your life. Now these are daily small mantras that, over time, will create the life you truly want.

They change your “inner frequency” and clean up that rusty connection to the Universe, which is perfect, whole, and abundant. Now that you have your “smaller” daily mantras to counter negative thinking, it’s time to think about the big ones – those that will impact all of you and your world over the long-term.

These are not new.

They are based upon what the ancients knew. Just the language has been changed so that all of us can understand what we are saying and thinking. In our Western churches, we are taught to pray to God and to Jesus, and in some instances to Mary and other saints, to intercede for us, to help us.

The problem with these thoughts is this: We develop the belief pattern that some entity outside of ourselves can choose to give or not to give us what we need or want. Toward the end of the Lord’s Prayer, we say, “Thy will be done,” as if God decides our fate and we have little to no power over our own beings and our own world. When we finally get over this notion and realize that we are one with God (or the Universe, or the One, or the First Cause), we understand Jesus’s words, “All that I have done, you can do, and more.” We can be our own miracle workers – it starts with our thought. .

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