5 Unique Traits of People with Asperger’s That Look Like Superpowers
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5 Unique Traits of People with Asperger’s That Look Like Superpowers

People with Asperger’s aren’t inflicted with all negative traits.Some Asperger’s traits can seem amazing.
5 Unique Traits of People with Asperger’s That Look Like Superpowers

. In case you’re not familiar with Asperger’s syndrome, it’s considered a high-functioning form of autism. And when people, who aren’t well-educated on these syndromes, learn that Asperger’s is a form of autism, it doesn’t bring to mind advanced intelligence or creativity. Thank goodness there are many of us who are familiar with autism, and with this familiarity, we can teach others. People see spectrums of autism as negative traits.

They notice the tics, the awkward social issues, or the strange outspoken qualities as hindrances. Some people say the autistic lack empathy, and cannot make eye contact during conversation.

There are quite a few negative traits, according to society, but there’s much more to it than that. Not understanding the whole story can be seen as ignorance, and can definitely be insulting. So why don’t we look a bit deeper? If you speak to someone who exhibits Asperger’s traits, you will notice many things.

They are much like the rest of us, but they’re completely different at the same time. To be honest, their strengths greatly overshadow their weaknesses and even resemble types of superpowers. People who are labeled with Asperger’s can simply amaze those we consider normal. One Asperger trait is having the ability to use the skills of intelligence. This means some people who have Asperger’s can look at a landscape, turn away and paint the entire landscape from memory. No, they don’t have to turn back to see things they may have missed because they really don’t miss anything, even the finest details.

These people are considered “savants”. But not all Asperger’s have this ability. Some have a heightened memory, while others embody other “superpowers”. Everyone notices things, especially obvious or large things. It’s the small things that many people do not notice, but as for people with Asperger’s, they notice them. What’s more, those who have Asperger’s, are so perceptive that they notice almost everything. This includes subtle facial expressions, body language, and even things that people want to say but do not. That’s true, it’s almost as if they can read minds, having the ability to know exactly what someone’s going to say. This also includes noticing patterns in the actions of others. I don’t know about you, but to me, it surely seems like an above-average trait. High IQs are common among autistic people, especially those with Asperger’s. Although not all of them are savants, those who have those supernatural memory abilities and etc., they still have the ability to excel above others in their classes during school and in the workplace. Of course, people with Asperger’s sometimes have a hard time getting work due to awkwardness. If they are hired, they generally offer intelligence that greatly improves the workplace and sales within the workplace. All this is due to intelligence, great intelligence. Asperger’s sometimes makes people unstoppable when it comes to completing tasks or solving problems. Giving up on issues or situations just isn’t an option. It’s called high perseverance and determination. Even if they happen to fail at something, even twice, or three times, they will go right back at it again. Imagine a superhero getting pounded over and over into the ground by the villain, well that doesn’t matter. Eventually, this Asperger trait will show the hero standing up again and continuing to pursue their goals. Now if that isn’t superhuman, I don’t know what is. Most of the time during a crisis, the average person will get upset. Even the calmest of people can sometimes become shaken by traumas. As for people with Asperger’s, a crisis, or a negative situation doesn’t phase them. One trait of Asperger’s is the incredible ability to remain calm during the worse situations or storms. Could it be due to strict routines or intelligence? It could be a combination of both. Either way, when the poop hits the fan, those with Asperger’s worry not.

They simply take a moment to start looking for the most intelligent solution. And don’t forget, they are unstoppable, so you know the problem will be eliminated, one way or the other. As I mentioned in the beginning, those with Asperger’s have problems dealing with awkward and difficult moments, and even have a fairly high rate of suicide, if coping with the downside of the syndrome becomes too much to handle. However, when recognized correctly, and appreciated, Aspergians can really make the most of their superpower abilities and live a great and productive life. Many of them can achieve things that others of us could only dream. So, before you judge autistic people or those with Asperger’s, remember these amazing qualities listed above. You never know when one of these super amazing individuals will cross your path and come to your rescue. Just like other syndromes, illnesses, or unique cases, let’s end all stigma and see people as the beautiful creatures that they are. R.

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