6 Lessons We Can Learn From Money: What’s Your Money Lesson?

At the bottom of all the personal drama that makes up a shift, you always realize that there was a single lesson it was teaching you all along.

It’s almost like the shift cycles down until you can understand it in a single statement, and in that moment you realize that you were seeing the same message over and over again, all along. That final message, even though it presents in different ways because of the details of our personal story, usually carries one of a number of common themes. So are you learning one of the following money lessons right now? Like every lesson, you’ll know it’s yours because you feel it inside it you. In the same way that awarenesses and conscious realization create relief inside your system as you reconcile the thoughts and come to understanding, being faced with a truth you’re denying makes you feel uncomfortable. So if it isn’t your stuff it will cause no emotional response in you. If it is your stuff however, it can cause a range of emotions from sadness to discomfort and laughter.

The point is that if you have any emotional response then you’re likely working with that lesson. Another way you’re going to know that it’s your stuff is that you’ve thought about it before – this has crossed your mind at some point. We’re quick to deny the aspects of ourselves that we don’t want to see, and then when most realizations break through, those moments of denial are often clearly visible to us. Jumping straight to the core lesson and accepting the information can help you avoid a whole bunch of development growth and pain.

The point of the exercise, after all, is to align you to the new energy: once that has happened, the need for the smaller lessons, or drama, falls away – alongside the challenges and blocks. Once you’ve identified a lesson as yours, start listing, from your own experience, examples of how you’ve played this aspect out in your life. As you run through each example, it will help you accept the realization energetically. In some cases you’ll feel the release as a physical relaxation in your body, like tension just falling away. Something else to note is that lessons are often presented as mirrors, so while the challenges may be presenting as money issues, the realizations may be more applicable to other areas of your life, e.g. “My inability to make money stems from my self worth issues around my father.” The point is that your lessons happen across all areas of your life in a shift, not just the area you’re focused on. Don’t limit yourself to one area of focus, thinking that processes like this work in isolation. Chances are that something as big as money will tie into everything that has happened to you, from your birth circumstances to abuse you may have suffered at the hands of schoolyard bullies. Greed Entitlement Are you greedy or entitled when it comes to money, or in another area of your life? Do you give freely of yourself – your time, energy and money? Or do you hoard, keeping things back for yourself even when you don’t use them? Are things never enough for you? Does it always seem like you’re being treated unfairly, getting less than you deserve? Do you want to charge a lot but get everything for free? Do you expect to get back more than you give? Are you always complaining about what you don’t have and never giving thanks for what you do have? Do you feel greedy asking to have your needs met? Do you feel that it is not spiritual to want or need money to meet your expenses? Non-Attachment Have you tied your whole self worth up in money and material possessions? Can you classify a year of work as a success, if those around you are labeling you a financial failure? If you lost everything tomorrow, could you pick up and start again? Stop and think about losing your house – what are the feelings? Are you feeling shame, fear, anxiety or vulnerability? Does the thought of not meeting your monthly payments scare you and make you feel insecure? Do you value your possessions more than the people around you? Are you focused on money to the exclusion of everything else? Has money become your God? Humility Do you become arrogant and superior towards others when you have money? Being broke makes you eat humble pie very quickly, and we often learn incredible lessons of humility and what really matters in life through the experience. Do you forget these lessons when money comes to you? Does your personality change when things start to go well? Do you treat people differently? Do you forget to give thanks and work on your stuff, coming from a place of entitlement and superiority? Asking For Help It’s a sad snapshot of this world that most of the people you speak to feel lonely and alone and that there’s no one that they can turn to for help. When you carry a belief like ‘I can’t ask anyone for help’ or ‘There’s no one I can turn to for help,’ the Universe tends to spring into action and bring you lessons designed to prove that wrong. So the logical thing to do would be to put you in a situation where you need help, because that way you’ll reach out for help and discover that it is there. Well at least that’s what the Universe thinks. For us however, we get thrown into the midst of a personal crisis from which there seems to be no end. If you’ve been thinking about someone and reaching out to make amends or ask for help, then your fastest way out of this lesson is to reach out, sooner rather than later. If contact is a requirement of the lesson then it won’t shift until you make an effort and reach. Learning To Use Less Do you take more than you need, living a life of excess and waste? The money lesson comes to show us that we need less than what we think we do, and so each item is systematically stripped away from us until we recognize that we actually need very little. Do you throw away a lot of food? Buy clothes you don’t need and never wear? Do you go shopping and spend money just for entertainment? The downside of this lesson is its polarity: you accept and make do with less and less, and so you ask for less and less. At a point with this lesson, you have to turn it around and start asking and manifesting again, otherwise it won’t take off for you once you’ve hit the bottom of the lesson. Taking Responsibility Are you being asked to step up and take responsibility for what is happening in your life? According to the Human Consciousness Scale (http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/the-human-consciousness-scale), published by Sir David Hawkins in Power vs. Force, the first true leap of growth happens at level 200, where people begin to take responsibility for their growth.

The lesson here is power = responsibility, and it is the first lesson of consciousness. This lesson is about accepting that you are not a victim and that you have created the reality that lies in front of you. When you accept that you are responsible for creating it, then you also realize that you have all the abilities you need to create a different reality, because you’ve already created this one. Do you feel you’ve been lazy? Have you been procrastinating and delaying? Do you feel there is more you could be doing to change the situation? Do you feel powerless and hopeless – like this is completely outside your ability to change? Do you need to step up and take responsibility? .

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