7 Ways Marijuana Legalization Has Already Benefited Colorado In Only 8 Months

January 1st 2014 saw the opening of the very first cannabis shop in Colorado as the cultivation, manufacture and sale of the controversial plant became fully legalized.

Since then, the state has seen a lot of promising results. Laura Pegram of Drugpolicy.org wrote in her article, Six Months of Marijuana Sales: Positive Trends Emerge in Colorado, that “even the state’s Director of Marijuana Coordination was quick to note recently that ‘the sky hasn’t fallen‘ since the first retail shops opened.” Colorado is proving to be a great example of how cannabis legalization can benefit the economy. Although it is still a bit early to make any definitive extrapolations about cannabis legalization, there are a few emerging trends in Colorado that signal good signs for the state which drugpolicy.org has listed on their website: Cannabis legalization has already yielded some positive stats for Colorado. People in power are realizing there is money to be made. Will Colorado be the guinea pig for the rest of the world to follow suit? This is yet another bullet in the coffin for cannabis propaganda. We are now at a point where the government has finally realized, or perhaps finally admitted what they’ve already known, how much money there is to be made from cannabis legalization. On top of that, there is undeniable evidence surrounding the use of cannabis as a means to treat disease. This is the real cherry on the cake.

The fact that this widely available plant is showing results in eradicating cancer, today’s most prominent and insistent disease, is monumental when really considered. Could we be on the brink of a massive cannabis-health revolution? If positive economic and social stats keep on rising in Colorado, we could be seeing the beginning of this revolution very soon. .

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