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72% of Americans Disapprove of Biden's Gas Price Policies

Americans are deeply unhappy with President Joe Biden’s energy policies.

72% of Americans Disapprove of Biden's Gas Price Policies

The president’s approval rating on gas prices sunk to 27 percent in the most recent poll by ABC News and Ispos. Seventy-two percent of Americans say they disapprove of Biden’s handling of gas prices, a four-point loss for the Biden administration since April. Gasoline prices are at all-time highs. On Tuesday, the average price of gas hit $4.919 per gallon, nearly 30 cents higher than one week ago. A poll from the Wall Street Journal and the University of Chicago showed that 63 percent of Americans say they are either very concerned or extremely concerned about gas prices.

The ABC/Ispos poll showed that 48 percent of Americans say that gas prices will be extremely important to their votes in the upcoming midterm elections. Another 26 percent say it will be very important. That amounts to 90 percent of voters saying gas prices are very or extremely important.

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