9/11: A Catalyst For Consciousness Evolution
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9/11: A Catalyst For Consciousness Evolution

9/11 has been an event that triggers deep questioning amongst people about the nature of our current events and whether or not traditional media has been providing us with the truth.
9/11: A Catalyst For Consciousness Evolution

When we open our minds up to possibilities beyond traditional narratives, do we expand our consciousness and open up greater faculties in understanding the true nature of our society and reality? It’s no secret that people are realizing traditional media, also sometimes called mainstream media, has not been asking deep enough questions about world events. In some cases, questions aren’t asked at all – journalism is not happening. This fact alone is one of the biggest factors that birthed the success of alternative media, or independent media, over the last decade. I know, because I’ve been in alternative media now for almost 12 years.

The very fact that alternative media has been asking important questions the ‘mainstream’ or traditional media, hasn’t asked has aligned with people’s growing intuitive inclinations that things are happening in our world that we’re not being told the full story or the truth about. --> Help Support CE: Become a member of CETV and get access to exclusive news and courses to help empower you to become an effective changemaker. Also, help us beat censorship! Click here to join. When it comes to the story of 9/11 and what really happened that day, people have been asking questions and seeking answers for years. While many theorists will tell you they know for sure who did it and why, there really is no way of knowing with the information that is publicly available. What we do know, however, is that what we have been told about what happened on 9/11, 2001 almost surely did not happen. What I mean by that is, the official narratives put out by the 9/11 Commission Report and by NIST, simply do not make sense, defy scientific reasoning and even common sense in some cases. For that reason, people have been right to question the official story, seeking answers from non-traditional yet credentialed sources. Organizations like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is one source where people can explore various facts about 9/11 from a scientific standpoint and begin to understand what likely did not happen on that day. As one’s paradigm around what happened on 9/11 begins to shift and people open up to other possibilities, it can often result in a shift in consciousness of sorts. As our mind expands, we begin to admit we may have been believing in an illusion, we begin to ask what else may not be true that we believe, and of course, we ask why we might have been told a fictitious story of what happened on 9/11. Many of these questions will be tough to answer, but it’s in asking and exploring the information that we see a shift in consciousness, and this, from my observation, has spread to questioning many other aspects of society. Over the course of my almost 12 years in independent media, one event seems to have had a greater impact on getting people to think outside their current paradigm, and that event is 9/11. I wanted to have a conversation about 9/11 this year that would be on the ideological. Personally, in the 12 years I have been doing this work, I haven’t often got stuck in beliefs or positions about things in the world. I am often clear on how I feel about something or what I feel is likely, given the evidence, but I have remained self-aware enough not to become ideological or get stuck in conspiratorial ideas that don’t hold weight. What I have found though, is it can be tough to come across others who wish to remain open as well. People are certainly out there, but in my experience, it’s simply not that common at the moment. I share this detail only because lately I have been feeling very ‘outcasted’ within a community of people who often question what is really going on in our world – outside traditional narratives. I have been noticing more and more, especially as COVID has arisen, just how much many people in this space are extremely ideological in their beliefs about how to world works and who runs it. Claiming things are fact when we simply don’t have the information to make such claims, and also claiming that every little thing that happens is somehow an agenda or completely controlled by someone else. It has become hard to relate to people, and it’s inspired me to really focus on sharing a deeper message that I share more sparingly than my day to day work. This is what got me excited to speak with my friend Dr. Madhava Setty about his research and work exploring the topic of 9/11 over the last 3 years. I knew I was going to speak with someone wise, intelligent, and self-aware, a combination that truly helps us to explore these topics with depth and openness but not necessarily jump to conclusions when we don’t truly know what is true. This is something I feel is incredibly important at this moment as many truths are coming to the surface, and now more than ever we need to have the wisdom, dexterity, and responsibility to share information in a way to truly moves us forward and not deeper into delusion and division. In the conversation below, Dr. Setty and I discuss what he has found in his 9/11 research, why it matters, the impact 9/11 has had on collective consciousness, and we’ll share a few details about an important shift that needs to take place in the ‘truth-seeking community.’ For those that are members of CETV, you can watch the extended version of this interview here. Collective Evolution is one of the world's fastest-growing conscious media and education companies providing news and tools to raise collective consciousness. .

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