A Former Goldman Sachs Partner & George Soros Employee Is Now Officially The U.S. Treasury Secretary

President Donald Trump’s cabinet picks have stirred up some controversy in the U.S., and his latest selection is no exception..

The Senate just confirmed Steven Mnuchin as U.S. Treasury Secretary after voting 53-47, suggesting that Trump may not be as “anti-establishment” as he would like us to believe. A highly experienced business associate, and chairman and CEO of the hedge fund Dune Capital, Mnuchin may seem like a suitable fit to those who don’t see the bigger picture. Mnuchin spent 17 years working at Goldman Sachs, where he eventually made partner and created a fortune of $46 million. Mnuchin also worked at Soros Fund Management, whose founder, George Soros, is a key member of the shadow government disguised as a philanthropic billionaire. What makes Trump’s decision even more bizarre is that, according to electoral commission records, Mnuchin has donated multiple times to the Democratic party, including to Trump’s former opponent, Hillary Clinton. Why would Trump select someone who clearly has ties to the elite, hedge funds, and Goldman Sachs, all of which he claims to oppose? After graduating from Yale University, Steven Mnuchin began his business career at Salomon Brothers in the early 1980s and then started working for Goldman Sachs in 1985. Prior to the election, Trump had criticized his Republican competitor Ted Cruz for his connections to Wall Street and because his wife had worked for Goldman Sachs. Trump went so far as to call out both Cruz and Hillary Clinton for their connections to Wall Street in one debate, stating that the guys at Goldman Sachs have “total control” over them. And he wasn’t lying; Hillary was scrutinized for her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs, which you can read about here. Interestingly enough, Hillary considered a high-ranking Goldman Sachs banker, Gary Gensler, for the position of Treasury Secretary, the same position Trump selected Mnuchin for. This leads one to wonder if there is a link between Goldman Sachs and this White House position. It would certainly make sense, especially because Mnuchin is only one of at least six of Trump’s top advisers and Cabinet nominees tied to Goldman Sachs. Plus, the firm has had ties to the White House in the past. However, Mnuchin no longer works for Goldman Sachs; he eventually left to work for SFM Capital Management, a firm backed by billionaire George Soros. Mnuchin then went on to work directly for George Soros at Soros Fund Management (source). Soros is well-known for making strategic political donations to essentially fund revolutions and then profit on the chaos. He also made a killing off European forced migration and other colour revolutions around the world. Given that Trump is a self-proclaimed advocate for “anti-establishment,” it’s surprising that he would appoint someone with close relations to the elite and the DNC. Soros also uses his company Open Society Foundations to funnel money into Media Matters, which directly contributes to mainstream media outlets such as NBC and the New York Times (source). Trump has called out mainstream news outlets numerous times for spreading “fake news,” making his appointment of Mnuchin even more perplexing. Soros is heavily tied to the Black Lives Matter movement and is even linked to the Women’s March, both of which are heavy anti-Trump political movements. Although these events may seem well-intended, they are tricking people into thinking they’re fighting for equality. Many of these movements are created by members of the elite like Soros so they can make a profit by distracting us and creating conflict. To read more about the elite’s involvement in these events, specifically Soros’, you can read our article here. Soros heavily funded Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and even Mnuchin donated to her campaign. Mnuchin himself has supported the Democrats for a long time, as he donated to Obama’s campaign years prior. Even though Mnuchin may have never been close with Soros, it seems strange that Trump would select him for this position knowing their shared past. Mnuchin has since stopped working for Soros and now runs the hedge fund Dune Capital. Although their current relationship is unknown, Dune Capital has apparently received hundreds of millions of dollars from Soros. This represents another interesting piece of the puzzle, as Trump has publicly criticized hedge fund managers, like Mnuchin, on many occassions. Trump has said that hedge fund managers were “getting away with murder,” which is why he wanted to put an end to the carried interest loophole giving private equity and hedge fund managers preferential tax treatment. “The hedge fund guys didn’t build this country,” Trump said at the time on CBS’ Face the Nation. “These are guys that shift paper around and they get lucky,” he said. “They are energetic.

They are very smart. But a lot of them – they are paper-pushers.

They make a fortune.

They pay no tax. It’s ridiculous.” To many Republican businessmen, this may not seem like a strange move given Mnuchin’s extensive background in finance; however, he has faced a lot of public scrutiny lately. Mnuchin became well-known for purchasing his bank, OneWest, because of the public criticism he faced. OneWest was considered a “foreclosure machine” under Mnuchin’s leadership, as the bank foreclosed on 36,000 families and trapped numerous elderly residents in reverse mortgages.

The bank was also scrutinized for racially discriminatory lending practices. We’ve seen Trump call out mainstream news and even the White House, so there is still a potential that “he cannot be boughten,” as he’d say. However, the fact of the matter is, we have no idea if he has ties to the elite. He also thrives off spreading the illusion of separatism, gaining public support by encouraging racism and sexism, but the most interesting part of all of this is society’s reactions.

There’s been significant societal uproar regarding his actions and words as President, and rightly so; however, none of this behaviour is necessarily new from the U.S. government. Trump may be one of the few Presidents to outright discuss his views and beliefs, but the White House has always had them deeply engrained within its value system.

The U.S. government has murdered innocent civilians all over the world through war and terror, and even murdered their own using false-flag terrorism.

The U.S. government and the elite have thrived off separatism for a very long time; they have simply done a better job at concealing it than Trump has. I genuinely believe that Trump’s presidency has the potential to inspire more people to wake up than ever before. His actions seem to be more transparent than many of the former U.S. presidents, and they’re radical enough to shock people into truly wanting to make a difference. I think the bigger concern here is whether or not Trump is challenging the establishment and the elite or if he’s actually working with them. This begs the question: Will the public see past the illusory authority of the President to see who’s truly in power, or will they keep fighting one man, further perpetuating this flawed political system? .

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