A Holistic Approach To Overcoming Seasonal Depression

Color therapy works as a healing mechanism by using the visible spectrum of light and color to alter the physical or mental state of an individual..

The colors are each linked to a distinct frequency and vibration, which research suggests have certain effects that can positively shift the energy and frequencies within us. Aside from entering through our eyes, light can also make its way into our bodies via the skin by means of the meridian system and the chakra system. Here is a chart that shows you how colors are thought to alter a person’s wellbeing: There are many ways to use color light therapy, including: For fast results, practitioners like to use colored gemstones, since they are rich in electromagnetic energy.

They work to remove negative or unwanted energies from the body. Sometimes candles, colored lamps, fabric or eye lenses, crystal pyramids, colored baths, or lasers are used. You can also make your own colored water at home using a few glass bottles and colored cellophane papers for an easy way to take advantage of this type of therapy. Various studies have attributed colored light therapy treatments to an increase circulation of oxygenated blood, boost metabolism, and aid in detoxification.

They also provide revitalizing benefits to the nervous system and immune system. Furthermore, they can help with sleep, hormonal imbalances, and depression. While it’s easy to take advantage of this time of year to mellow out, we often find ourselves suffering from the blues. But that negative energy can make way for bad habits and bad feelings as the shift to spring nears, so taking advantage of ways to re-balance can have you finding light even in the darkness, discovering new things about yourself, and prompting new ways to feel fulfilled. .

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