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A Message From Me to Me, Which is You

I was feeling some doubt the other day about the amazing and incredible changes and transitions unfolding in my life right now.

A Message From Me to Me, Which is You

Things are truly opening in such a great way yet I noticed my mind starting to play with doubt. For what reason? I don’t know. Perhaps maybe old patterns playing out. I thought of an old passage I wrote one time when I connected with my higher self while I was having a tough time.

The message my conscious mind received was this: Why have you forgotten how powerful you are? Why have you allowed your own thoughts and ego mind to convince you that you are not capable of creating anything you wish to create that is aligned with your soul? The control mechanism (world structures) in place can bind you, but only if you continue to give your power to them and allow them to interfere with your own choice as a sentient being. You have come here to learn, to evolve, and help shift the planet’s consciousness and yet you are getting wrapped up in all the ‘seriousness’ that comes with this world. Why? You have come to remember that it does not have to be this way and in your own way, you are finding this truth and discovering what you are at your pure essence –love and peace, in their most unconditional and pure forms. This idea that you cannot go beyond certain doubts or worries is of the mind and ego only. You can create anything you choose, especially that which is for the greatest good of humanity. Part of you experiencing the doubts and ‘confines’ of the world’s structures are here to help you, and all of us, dissolve it. It’s time to move on from them and see what they have provided us in terms of experience, but ultimately, allow ourselves to expand into knowing what we wish to create moving forward. You are more powerful than these limitations already! There is nothing coming that’s going to change everything for us. ET’s aren’t going to do it, you cannot wait and hope that one day it will come down and the day will be saved. You are a creator, each and every soul is the creator together, co-creating.

The shift in consciousness, and the disempowerment of the control system will come from each of us doing our work within. Put your heart and soul into realizing you are what holds up and creates the doubt, the control system and all of your suffering. Realize that you can step into a vibrational state where this control system and all doubt cannot even affect you. It’s your choice, you know now, why put any limitation on the love and peace that you are when that is what you are yearning to be completely while being in this experience we call life. Step into your being, your peace and your power. I love you. .

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