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A tale of three old men symptomatic of the world today

Three senior gentlemen have been in the news this month, each in their way speaking for the tragi-farce that is the New Normal.

A tale of three old men symptomatic of the world today

On Tuesday Feb 2 Centenarian and WW2 veteran ‘Captain Tom’ breathed his last to widespread public grief and mourning. Tom, we are told in the MSM, recently raised £39 million for the NHS by walking round his garden on a Zimmer frame. Janet Street-Porter also thought he had recently received the Sars-CoV-2 vaccine. But then after he died everyone realized this was a mistake.

Captain Tom is, of course, a hero.

On Wednesday Feb 4 Piers Corbyn was arrested in Southwark for distributing ‘malicious material’ to local residents. This is said material.

You will note it compares covid vaccines with something evil (the words are a recent Evening Standard headline). This makes it malicious and possibly anti-Semitic. So the cops had no choice but to arrest Mr Corbyn for the ninth time.

Mr Corbyn is not a hero. He is a public nuisance.

Lastly, Dr Vernon Coleman, a steadfast rock over many months of this pandemic, released his latest video called Doctors and Nurses Giving the Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried as War Criminals. In which he breaks down and weeps at the enormity of the evil currently being perpetrated on the human race.

Dr Coleman is not a hero. He is an ‘antivaxxer’ and therefore an un-person. Which is why his video has been scrubbed from social media almost entirely. You can watch it here at your own risk…

Or download here, if you are depraved enough to want to distribute or share it.


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