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A vaccine for Religious Fundamentalism

This recording from April 2005 shows a briefing where Bill Gates explains to CIA officials the genetic difference between religious and non religious people, and how, the spread of a virus could justify a vaccine to alter the genome and avoid religious extremism.

A vaccine for Religious Fundamentalism

This disturbing video was recorded by an insider camera. Bill Gates is briefing the CIA about a research he is funding. During the presentation, a slide is shown on the screen where the religious and non religious samples are represented in a chart.

According to Bill Gates, some genetic feature gets specially noticeable in individuals having a strong religious belief, who are practicing a religion or actively developing faith in some way or another. The Gate's briefing to CIA is about a special virus developed by this research, that could be eventually spread among the population, to mitigate such religious attitudes using a vaccine.

As the same Bill Gates states in the presentation, the vaccine research is called "Vaccine for Religious Fundamentalism", which is at least, as scary as the fact, that there has been research to remove religious ideas from individuals. Not to forget that such removal of religious "sentiments" would be ultimately caused by the effects of a vaccine. It is not ridiculous, its kind of demonic.

This article is just another article exposing the real track record of Bill Gates, which reveals a Eugenics related motivation, deeply rooted in the Bill Gates family. Yes, as explained in the Corbett's documentary on this character, Bill's father had at that time, close relationships with well known Eugenicist and was part of one of the Societies supporting it.

You can have a look to the Bill Gates Documentary from James Corbett shortly explained in our Who is Bill gates article or directly watch it here.

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