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A Valid Argument

A Valid Argument

“Sheep, I don’t know what’s wrong with sheep these days.” (sung to the tune of Kids! from the musical Bye Bye Birdie).

So what else is new? Sort of feels like Ground Hog Day (the movie). Every morning I get out of bed thinking that something must be different.

Where is the sheep position today? Has it shifted?

I have a few friends who are like canaries in the coal mine to me. I check them like litmus paper to see which way the wind is blowing in sheepdom, how acidic is the sheep environment, and needless to say I am continually surprised. (I’ll say it again, I still love my sheep friends and family!!)

Sometimes I get my hopes up. “Major revelation about Covid vaccines!” “Judge rules in favour of eliminating mask mandate!” “Excess death numbers prove vaccine is killing people!” But this is all coming from shrews.

Sheep? Crickets.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, ever gets through. No matter what news or new discovery or new journal article I send my sheep friends, I always get a rejection: “that journal is known for a ‘far right’ stance, so I didn’t read it,” or “those statistics are made up, they are not reliable,” or “that is not an objective interpretation,” or “that is just anecdotal and sensationalized subjective misinformation.”

You’ve heard the riff.

Maybe at the very beginning some of these responses could be considered valid rejections. Back when it was indeed difficult to find any “contrary to the narrative” information that was not, at the time, speculative or subjective.

Now? I don’t think any of these excuses intended to turn the head the other way stands up to scrutiny.

Tens of thousands of credentialed and credible doctors and scientists are presenting objective and evidential conclusions regarding the unsafe and ineffective status of the Covid vaccines. Millions of regular people are listening to these experts and drawing common sense, as well as informed, opinions about the true dangers (not much) of Covid as well as the true dangers (a lot) of these vaccines.

These doctors are also speaking out about the alternative treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine that have shown since day one to be an effective and safe treatment against Covid-19. Millions have been exposed to this information, and have listened carefully, and know from their own critical analysis, as well as from their own experience if they have been treated, that these interventions are indeed safe and effective.

This is no piss in the bucket. We are talking about millions of people, and even if you still find the average person’s testimony, opinion, and experience to be anecdotal and not evidential, then look at the scientists, doctors, economists, public health officials, high ranking military officers, who are all coming forward and expressing their expert opinions and their clinical experiences.

Are all of these people to be ignored? Are they all fools?

I think it is clear that we definitely have come to a place we can at least have a valid argument about all of this. But instead, if we bring it up, we are still snubbed and treated like idiots at best, and criminally insane at worst.

Why is this?

I have some close lifelong friends who treat me as stated above. It isn’t the disagreement that bothers me; it is the blind dismissal of clearly obvious facts and figures regarding the Covid situation.

If these friends acknowledged that there was indeed valid material to discuss, but still disagreed, I would not be as bewildered. I have told people like them before, people who have insisted they have looked at the alternative information around all this and still rejected it, that I doubt if they really have looked.

But seldom do they get so far as to even make such a claim; usually they just dismiss me as a fool, and certainly dismiss any information they “accidentally” stumbled upon as devoid of any rationality.

We are beyond dismissing luminaries such as Dr. Peter McCollough, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, and thousands of other reputable doctors as charlatans or men and women selfishly seeking their 15 minutes of fame. We are beyond believing that the “authorities” in our government are justified in censoring these people and others like them due to a deceitful effort to protect the community.

This is an atrocious untruth that clearly has been shown to be just that. It is time that we, as a global community, come to our senses and understand there is something seriously wrong out there that we need to genuinely address.

Even cult members can wake up. Usually cult members are thoroughly indoctrinated within a contained and isolated environment. It is easy to compare what is happening in the world with what happens in a cult. There are many similarities. But I am not convinced we are so deeply ensconced in this insanity that we cannot, as a community, break out of it and do what is right.

So far, however, I am being proven wrong.

There are, indeed, many who have “seen the light” and their logic reasoning powers have come forward enough to at least enable them to look at the information that is available. Many of these people have “come over” to this side of the debate. But many have not.

The people ignoring all of this at this point in time when the house is clearly burning down are acting like obstinate little children refusing to admit they were wrong. It is too late to take that stance. This valid argument is sitting on the table ready to be objectively examined—by everyone.

These people cannot continue to ignore this reality. It is clear, plain, and simple.

And obviously action must be taken before it is too late.

Systems go terribly out of control when people don’t stop them when they are going mildly out of control.”
Jordan Peterson

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