A Very Informative TEDx Talk Sharing Pure Facts About Eating Meat That Some People Still Don’t Believe

When Dr.

Ellsworth Wareham, a recently retired, 102-year-old heart surgeon who’s been vegan for half of his life, explained that “people are very sensitive about what they eat,” and how “you can talk to people about exercising, relaxation, good mental attitude and they will accept that, but you talk to them about what they are eating... people are very sensitive about that,” he was right. In that interview, he went on to explain that “if an individual is willing to listen, I will try to explain to them on a scientific basis of how I think it’s better for them.” (source) Plant Based Protein vs. Protein From Meat, Which One Is Better For Your Body? 9 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat What Would Native American Wisdom Say About Going Vegan or Vegetarian: Would It Agree or Disagree Scientists Say You’ll Be Healthier If You Get Your Protein From Plants, Not Meat Meet Dr. Heather Skenkman, The Ironman Triathlete Vegan Cardiologist “Our standard American diet, also known as SAD, has put our country at the top of the list in the world for obesity, which increases the risk for serious health problems. Overwhelming scientific evidence links the consumption of meat and meat products to numerous diseases. . . .

The World Health Organization (WHO) now places red and processed meat at the same danger level as cigarettes and asbestos. Meat is the new tobacco.” – Dr. Joanne Kong (source) .

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