A Young Man Asks To Borrow A Homeless Man’s Bucket, What Happens Is Awe Inspiring

It is reported that at least 200,000 Canadians experience homelessness in a calendar year, many of which experience it either regularly or over an extended period of time.

(1) In a population of approximately 34 million that doesn’t seem like much, especially when calculated as a percentage – 0.59%. However, the fact that the numbers aren’t staggering doesn’t justify a reason not to try and do something about it.

There are many ways for us all to be involved in combating homelessness. Volunteering our time at a homeless shelter, donating food or clothing to charitable organizations geared towards providing for the homeless or even just choosing to give to an individual that you pass on the street are all easy ways to help out. Three german students decided to be a little more creative in how they chose to help out a homeless man and his reaction both during and after their act of kindness make the entire experience even more heartwarming. Check it out: The element of this video that I particularly enjoyed is the awareness that it drew towards how little notice or attention we are inclined to give to the homeless. Whether it be because of our own self-preoccupation or a programmed judgement or fear towards them, far too many of us regularly choose to steer clear of the less-fortunate, often going as far as even doing our best to avoid eye contact. Once the element of the performance was added the situation transitioned from an avoidable bother to a desirable form of entertainment. Suddenly passersby were by choice becoming onlookers and even became more willing to donate to the cause. Let this video serve as a reminder to you the next time you cross the path of a homeless individual on the street. Whether or not you are in a financial position to donate, at least be aware of how you find yourself inclined to view them. Work on breaking down any preconceived judgements and replace it with the love and respect that you would hope to receive if you ever found yourself in their situation. We at Collective Evolution are scheduled to become more active in our community in the coming months and hope that you will too. Be sure to stay posted for both video footage and written summaries of the various ways that we choose to get involved and be an even more active part of creating change on the planet. SOURCE: (1) http://www.homelesshub.ca/ResourceFiles/SOHC2103.pdf .

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