After 7 Years Of Persistent Muscle Spasms, Dancing Has Given This Man Hope
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After 7 Years Of Persistent Muscle Spasms, Dancing Has Given This Man Hope

As a long-time journalist for La Repubblica, an Italian news provider, Federico Bitti has always been engaged in the industry that delivers so much content to the world daily.
After 7 Years Of Persistent Muscle Spasms, Dancing Has Given This Man Hope

In the midst of filming an interview with a colleague in 2007, Federico began to experience something that from that point forward would challenge nearly every aspect of his daily life. What started as a surge of pressure forcing his head in the opposite direction of where he needed to be focused to conduct the interview, became a recurring experience in his life. This condition is medically referred to as focal dystonia. According to WebMD, dystonia is a movement disorder in which a person’s muscles contract uncontrollably.

The contraction can affect one muscle, an entire muscle group, or the entire body. After being diagnosed, and as Federico’s condition worsened, he was given three options by the medical profession: (1) botox injections to paralyze the muscles, (2) drugs to relax them and minimize communication to them, and (3) surgery to allow electro-stimulation. Federico tried options one and two but found his conditioned only worsened. It wasn’t until Federico came across the work of Joaquin Farias – a Toronto based leading specialist in neurological rehabilitation – that he found an alternative solution that has given not only relief but incredible hope. Federico shared his full story with The Globe Mail, who also released his story through this powerful video that you need to check out: Federico’s story and his work with Joaquin Farias are a perfect example of why it’s important that we open ourselves up to more than the mainstream box when it comes to healthcare.

There are so many alternatives to nearly every condition that, even if they don’t provide a cure, can certainly provide a level of hope – which I personally feel can be one of the most powerful things to attain.

The power of positive thinking is important to consider, and I believe that all suggested medicines (both prescription and naturopathic) and dietary changes are far more likely to work as they are intended to if the recipient consciously believes in them and themselves – much like Federico has found hope through dance. Be sure to share Federico’s incredible story, and tell us about any of your alternative approaches to healthcare. Sources: (1) (2) .

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