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Albert Pike’s letter outlining the Illuminati’s plan for three world wars – is it genuine?

Albert Pike’s letter outlining the Illuminati’s plan for three world wars – is it genuine?

In the days following the breakout of violence in Israel and Gaza Greg Reese, producer of the popular Reese Reportpublished a video outlining the contents of a letter allegedly written by Freemason Albert Pike on 15 August 1871. The very same letter was reported on in 2016 by corporate media outlets The Daily StarDaily, and A South African newspaper also reported on it in 2013.

But is it genuine?

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The letter that is claimed to have been written by Pike to Giuseppe Mazzini outlines “the Illuminati plan for three world wars”:

From the description of the Third World War, it is understandable that it has gained attention recently.  However, many have questioned its authenticity.

In recent days, a clip from the video below has also been circulating on social media.  We haven’t been able to establish the origins of the video or when it was recorded.

The narrator in the video above refers to text contained in two books: ‘Satan: Prince of This World’ which quotes ‘The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled’.  Below, for reference purposes, we quote each of the sources.

A document which contains extracts from the supposed Pike letter including some additional information about it and the two men concerned reiterates that the letter was in the British Museum Library:

However, a response to a Freedom of Information Act request denies that the letter is held in the Museum’s collection.  In June 2020, The British Library responded to a request as to whether the British Museum holds in its possession or archives a letter from Pike to Mazzini dated 15 August 1871.  The response read:

If the letter is not in the British Museum Library as Cardinal Rodriguez had documented, what are the origins of the text?

A starting point would be Cardinal Rodriguez’s reference to “Le Diable Au X1X Siecle” (translation: The Devil in the Nineteenth Century) which was published by Léo Taxil and Charles Hacks, under the pseudonym of Doctor Bataille.

The Devil in the Nineteenth Century

Le Diable Au X1X Siecle is written in French so we turn to an article written by Mr. E and published by Bomb Thrower.

Léo Taxil was a Frenchman whose name was Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès.  Born in 1854 he was placed in Jesuit seminary school, where he came to be disillusioned with the Catholic faith and religion in general. Eventually becoming a writer, he targeted Christianity with scathing critiques.

In 1884, Pope Leo XIII published an encyclical on Freemasonry: ‘Humanum genus’.  It was principally a condemnation of Freemasonry. It states that the late 19th century was a dangerous era for the Roman Catholic Church, largely due to numerous concepts and practices it attributes to Freemasonry, namely naturalism, popular sovereignty, and the separation of church and state.

Perhaps swayed by this polemic, Taxil announced he had converted back to Catholicism in 1885 and set to work on an entirely different literary endeavour with a new target, the Freemasons.

“Over the next several years he published Les Mystères de la Franc-Maçonnerie, a four-volume history of Freemasonry containing curious-but-unsourced accounts of eyewitness’s participation in strange rites,” Mr. E wrote.

However, in April 1897, Taxil held a press conference and revealed there was no Dr. Karl Hacks, there was no Dr. Bataille, and there was no Palladium Rite.  He also claimed his conversion to Catholicism was a prank, to win the Church’s trust and approbation. “Diana Vaughan was a real person, but she was only his typist and collaborator in this colossal fraud designed to deeply embarrass the Catholic Church and become the crown jewel of his anti-clerical work,” Mr. E wrote.

Taxil died in March 1907.

In 1920 a book called The Cause of World Unrest emerged attempting to explain the chaos in the world with WWI in 1914, followed by the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. The Cause was an anonymous compilation of essays originally published in the London Morning Post in July of the same year.  One of the essays quoted Taxil’s Le Diable au XIXe Siècle:

The Cause would go on to be used in the 1925 book called The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled, published by Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez of Chile.

In 1955 retired Canadian naval officer William Guy Carr published the first edition of Pawns in the Game. In 1958, a revised and expanded edition of the book was released where he included a discussion about Albert Pike and a plan that he made about an upcoming three world wars.

“Carr asserts that Pike’s document is held at the British Museum Library in London, however, this seems to be due to his misreading of The Cause, which stated that Taxil’s work is what was stored there, not the 15 August 1871 plan by Albert Pike that Taxil invented,” Mr. E wrote.

Mr. E went on to note that in his book, Satan: Prince of This World, Carr cited the letter again. However, this time with a footnote:

It appears the text that is circulating about “the Illuminati plan for three world wars” originated from Carr’s book Pawn in the Game, which paraphrases Taxil’s writings about Albert Pike. 

In 1897, Taxil later claimed his work was a fraud and, according to Mr. E, this fraud was well-publicised at the time and the hoax is well-known to historians and other members of academia. Yet other researchers have missed it. Is that because both corporate and alternative media are, to some extent, part of the controlled dialectic put forth by the ruling class as Mr E says? (When he makes this claim, we assume Mr. E is factoring in available time and resources, and that mistakes, misunderstandings and oversights can be made, even by himself.)

Or, perhaps, there’s another explanation – secrecy, censorship, propaganda and controlling the narrative to hide information and manipulate perceptions was as existent during Toxil’s lifetime as it is today and – Taxil’s confession to fraud wasn’t genuine but an attempt to memory hole the truth.

We may never know.

In the meantime, you can read Mr. E’s well-referenced article ‘The Greatest Hoax of All TimeHERE to help you decide for yourself.

Featured image: Albert Pike (right). Source: The Masonic Leader. Léo Taxil circa 1880, from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (right). Source: Bomb Thrower

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