An Extremely Powerful & Moving Short Video Will Make You Consider Organ Donation

According to the National Kidney Foundation, over 17,000 kidney transplants took place in the United States alone in 2014, 11,570 of which came from deceased donors.

Despite the seeming impressiveness of this number, there are still approximately 123,000 Americans waiting for life-saving organ transplants, with the median wait time being 3.6 years. In an attempt to help boost life-saving organ donation numbers in Argentina, Fundacion Argentina De Trasplante Hepatico has put together a powerful PSA centred around a man and his dog.

The video is sure to tug on a few heart strings, and may just lead you to consider becoming an organ donor yourself. Check it out: To me, organ donation seems like one of the easiest ways for us to make a positive impact on the world on our way out – a mini legacy of sorts. Think of how many of us would quickly rise to the occasion and donate anything we could if a loved one ever found themselves in an emergency situation requiring one. What holds so many of us back from having that same compassion, that same willingness to help a complete stranger? This video has certainly inspired me to look into my own status as an organ donor. When the time does come for me to leave this body, I’d like to think that my death will offer someone else a chance at life.

The human experience is a beautiful thing, and if I could ever help someone prolong their life when my time comes, I’d love to do it. What are your thoughts on organ donation? Do you see it as something we should all opt to do upon the time of our death? Or do you see it as wrong or unnatural? I’m curious to hear if there are any known downsides or reasons not to that I haven’t considered. Let me know via the comment section below. .

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