An Extremely Powerful & Moving Video That Depicts The #1 Way We Will Change The World
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An Extremely Powerful & Moving Video That Depicts The #1 Way We Will Change The World

The following is a very moving and powerful video that illustrates the core and key to global change: us.
An Extremely Powerful & Moving Video That Depicts The #1 Way We Will Change The World

Although the video is pertaining to the treatment of animals and animal abuse, it can be applied to a number of different aspects and experiences on our planet that more and more people are not resonating with every day. We must be the change we want to see, and we must do it collectively. Nobody is going to change the world for us, and if we continue living our lives and being so into our own lives while ignoring what is happening to planet Earth, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the outcome won’t be good. Every year we see multiple global summits that give the illusion that key issues are being addressed and steps have been put in place to solve them. This illusion of change has taken the power out of our hands, and into those who don’t seem to care or do anything about it. As depicted in this video, there are individuals all over the world who cannot sit and watch as atrocities are committed everyday. If one person suffers, we all suffer. These generations have been spoken about in ancient prophecies, in multiple cultures throughout the world and by many people that are here now. Many feel they have to do something about it (changing the world) and that this need takes precedence over all other things. This drive to act can come as an uneasy feeling, especially since those who take on this task often attract much hate. It can also be an uneasy feeling by the simple fact that one might feel they are not doing enough. Those who have a strong passion for change usually want to create big change on a massive scale with a snap of their finger. As a result, sometimes they feel that what they are already doing may not be enough, but it’s really little actions like this (video) that happen every day which create ripple effects that stretch a long way. For those of you out there that have a strong desire to create change but don’t know how, just follow your heart and the universe will open doors for you.

The biggest changes come from the changes you make within yourself. As you change within, more opportunities will present themselves without.

The way you interact, and react to certain events, situations and people within your own life is a great starting place. Find your inner peace, loose your buttons so they can’t be pushed, change yourself and you start to change the world.

The intent alone in your heart, the flame that is sparked within you to change the world is what matters. This flame might not be seen by others, but that does not mean it remains unseen. Just be yourself and follow your heart. You can create change on the planet simply by finding your inner peace, and being compassionate and caring towards other individuals. Big change sometimes occurs in what we perceive to be small actions. Whether you are a millionaire building homes and providing food to thousands, or someone who is just getting by but doing what you can, both are equally valuable. It’s all relative. You might not think one person can change the world, but if you were hovering above the Earth and the ripple effects of your actions were displayed as colors, you would see that one person can indeed create large ripples and help change the direction of the planet in a more positive direction. It’s our choice, the critical mass decides. Human beings are slowly (but surely) becoming aware of what we are really capable of. We can see the solutions and can imagine just how great of a race we could be, how we could move forward and how we could leap into aspects of our reality that we can’t even imagine. Our potential is limitless. I truly believe that we could live on a planet where every single one of us is could thrive, where all of our necessities are met, where nobody has to suffer. It’s very possible, and the solutions are seemingly so simple. Just imagine what we could and are capable of accomplishing.

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