An In Depth Discussion On Becoming Self-Empowered
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An In Depth Discussion On Becoming Self-Empowered

Right now we are faced with an opportunity to question our reality at its core.
An In Depth Discussion On Becoming Self-Empowered

Truth is coming to the surface at a rapid pace, we have a disruption in our everyday life, and there is an inkling within us that it's time for a great change. What does self-empowerment truly look like? Is it the solution to the global challenges we face? If so, how do we become self empowered to make an impact in our world? It is undeniable that we are going through a significant transformation individually and collectively. We are certainly experiencing a disruption in what we call our regular patterns of life, and this is causing a great deal of thoughts, emotions and ideas to come up within ourselves. What an opportunity we may not have gotten if this coronavirus lockdown hadn’t come about in the way it did. Is what is playing out, real, blown out of proportion? Have events been done on purpose? It’s a tough time to navigate, and it is easy to take different sides on what is taking place. Whether we feel victimized or whether we believe a savour of some sort will step up and change things for us, is it time for a fresh perspective truly grounded in self empowerment? I’ve talked about this extensively since this started and have found many people are really resonating with this idea. Between a recent article I wrote called When The ‘Mass Arrests’ Don’t Happen, Will We Realize We Can’t Wait For A Saviour? and the many videos I’ve done exploring how this is an incredible opportunity, I’m becoming quite inspired by how many people are feeling that now is the time to look deeper into ourselves. I recently had a discussion with my good friend Franco DeNicola about what’s playing out here and the incredible opportunity for self empowerment we have before us. In the conversation below, we explore the collective stories that are playing a role in our reality and world. We ask whether force or blame changes things, and what steps we can take to shift our current situation. Does staying positive truly make a difference and or is there another way to look at it? Who is the enemy, or is there even really an enemy? How does consciousness and self-empowerment truly act as a solution? Explore this and much more in the conversation below. Check out his live-streamed workshop “Bringing Out The New YOU To Play In Our New World.” Get the video and audio recordings at this link. Website: To check out our other workshops that support you on your journey, go to else..

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