An Unexpected Way To Kill Pimples & Cure Acne Naturally

Despite being well into my late twenties, my body likes to occasionally thrust me back to my teenage years.

But rather than doing something desirable, like un-receding my hairline, it pushes forth random pimples, at random times, no reason I can yet discern. Whether it be a lone red “honker” on the end of my nose, or a small set of little ones along the top of my forehead, they are never a welcome sight, and I always find myself eager to get rid of them. Until recently, my approach had always been to simply ride them out; to do my best to avoid popping them — which admittedly is easier said than done and accomplished less often than I’d like — and just hope that the next day would be the one where I would wake up clear-faced again. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago, after stumbling across a random video on Facebook, that I decided to change up my approach.

The video focused on the miracle that is our belly button, and the number of things we can treat by applying a number of ointments, oils, and creams to that area of our body. One of the items outlined is the ability to treat both pimples and acne by applying Neem Oil directly to it. My curiosity was immediately sparked, but of course I’ll never take any video I come across — especially one I randomly stumble upon on social media — at face value, so I decided to do some research to determine the legitimacy of this so-called cure. I was happy to find that several health websites and blogs all proclaimed their support of this treatment, leading me to pull the trigger on both purchasing and trying it out. Now, several weeks into it, I can proudly say that I too am living proof of Neem Oil’s ability to rid you of stubborn pimples and acne patches. Mind you, I do eat a relatively clean and healthy diet for the most part, so I’m sure that too plays a role in not only eliminating pimples more quickly, but also making me less prone to them overall. Over this short period, I’ve not only had no new breakouts, but I’ve also seen the most stubborn patch along the top of my forehead greatly improve and even completely disappear in some areas.

The particular brand I purchased was Theraneem (pictured to the left), since it was suggested to me by the supplement specialist at my local health food store, who happened to be using it for the same purpose for several years now, also with great results.

The oil is pleasantly affordable (in the $7 to $15 range on Amazon) and given that I only need to apply a single drop to my belly button with each application, I can see the one-ounce bottle I bought lasting me for well over a year.

The “science” behind this unexpected treatment seems to be controversial and unfounded, as most of what I could find led nowhere substantial. What ultimately convinced me to try it out were the many success stories from happy buyers. Neem Oil is credited with having antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, but its application to your navel is seen by many as a mere folk remedy. Accordingly, I suggest that you try out this technique with caution and consult a health or skin care professional if you feel uncomfortable diving in on your own. .

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