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Another Eco-Friendly Inferno: Tesla Bursts into Flames on North Carolina Highway

A Tesla electric vehicle burst into flames after striking a piece of metal debris on the highway near Wilmington, North Carolina.

Another Eco-Friendly Inferno: Tesla Bursts into Flames on North Carolina Highway

The driver, Craig Lippe, was able to safely exit the vehicle and no injuries were reported. WECT6 reports that a Tesla recently burst into flames on I-140 near Wilmington, North Carolina, after running over a piece of metal on the road.

The driver, Craig Lippe, was returning home from work when the incident occurred. “A truck driver next to me opened up his window and was pointing frantically. So I pulled off into the breakdown lane. And when I got out you can see flames from underneath the car in the front,” Lippe recounted. Another hour another one Musked: Tesla catches fire 🔥 after “interacting” with debris. Tesla’s lame-named Autopilot and FSD Beta roll right into debris in their path, sometimes causing flat tires — it’s unclear if either defective system was involved in this $TSLA fire. — Facts Chaser 🌎 🐶 🏻‍♂️ (@Factschaser) July 23, 2023 Firefighters arrived promptly at the scene, but the nature of the electric vehicle fires present unique challenges. Unlike traditional vehicles that burn combustible materials, supposedly eco-friendly electric vehicles can expel immense energy from their batteries when they are damaged, leading to a much larger fire. Connecticut Tesla still burning (Stamford Fire Department) Raymond Griswold, the deputy fire marshal at New Hanover County Fire Rescue, explained the complexities of such situations. “You’re not burning combustibles like you are with normal cars,” Griswold said. He further noted that fire departments are still learning how to effectively deal with electric vehicle fires. “There are some learning curves that we are working on to figure out how to put these things out,” Griswold added. Despite the dramatic incident, Lippe remains a staunch supporter of electric vehicles. He expressed his continued faith in Tesla, stating, “I still love the Tesla and probably going to order another one.” This is just the latest in a long line of Tesla fires. In May of 2022, Breitbart News reported that an electrical malfunction caused the vehicle doors of a Tesla vehicle to lock shut after the car caught fire, trapping the driver inside as smoke began pouring in through vents.

The driver kicked out a window to escape from the electric vehicle. Read more at WECT6 here. Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan.

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