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Antioxidants that degrade graphene oxide

La Quinta Columna has released an informative video regarding antioxidants that can be used as a preventative treatment to detoxify the graphene oxide that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people may have in their bodies.

Antioxidants that degrade graphene oxide

The website Orwell City 2 has taken the time to translate it into English, as it has valuable information that both La Quinta Columna's 1 followers and Orwell City's readers are looking for desperately.

No one wants to have poison as aggressive as graphene oxide in their bodies.

Remember to take a look at the preventive treatment with antioxidant rotation suggested by Dr. José Luis Sevillano 3.

Below is the subtitled video.

"Well. Good evening to everyone.

I decided to make this video because people have been asking me about antioxidants. And although it's late, I think it's important to record it. It's a must-see video, especially for La Quinta Columna's followers who are aware of the relevance of graphene oxide from a disturbing point of view, as it causes the fashionable disease pictures.

Thanks to scientific articles we have seen, we know that every antioxidant, especially the master antioxidant glutathione, degrades graphene oxide. Glutathione can reduce even to zero its toxicity 5. And we have demonstrated that.

We have proven it empirically through people who presented their own or acquired magnetism after the 'invasion' of graphene oxide through the inoculated pathway, through the vaccine, or other routes of administration. So, as you know, within the antioxidants that degrade graphene oxide and allows the recovery of the balance in favor of our glutathione reserves and antioxidants in general concerning the oxidative stress caused by the toxic graphene oxide, we have glutathione, logically.

I'm going to show you what I have in my home, and which in my opinion are great since there's evidence based on the scientific articles we have seen. These are food supplements without any medical contraindications, as long as you take the doses that appear on the package insert. And they don't even have a prescription. They don't have any. However, it's advisable that the particular conditions of each person, intrinsic variables of the individual, consult with your doctor pharmacist. Okay?

For me, it's the most effective antioxidant. Take one capsule in the morning as a preventive treatment. People who're going through a more serious clinical condition will have to consult the dosage first. However, take one capsule in the morning. That's how it should be taken. Almost everything we're going to see here is taken in the morning. The reason is that after gastric emptying or fasting, everything that first enters the body is absorbed quite better. This is a rule in all types of supplementation lines. N-acetylcysteine is a must.

I'll leave it here so as not to confuse me.

However, according to what I have read about it, the body doesn't assimilate it that well. Only 25% - 30% of it is assimilated, depending on the individual and his gastric conditions. Therefore, the dosage needs to be higher to obtain the same effects as with N-acetylcysteine.

However, it's good to have it as well. Why? Well, because we consume N-acetylcysteine for a week, we can cross-supplement and continue substituting it with glutathione 6. However, as I said, N-acetylcysteine is best because the body will endogenously secrete it. It will maintain optimal levels of glutathione endogenously.

With these two antioxidants, I have personally and particularly helped people affected by magnetism after inoculation. People with two doses of Pfizer, and after two weeks they no longer express it. Okay? Now, since these are antioxidants, any kind of antioxidant is going to help them. Let's say glutathione is the master antioxidant. It's the best in terms of its antioxidation and degradation capacity. However, there are other very powerful antioxidants as well.

The second on the list is a bit more expensive. It's Astaxanthin 5 mg. That is the commercial dosage. It's a little bit more expensive than the other antioxidants because I think it's 24 or 25 euros and it comes in 30 capsules. Many people who take it notice that it also improves their eyesight.

Astaxanthin can be taken together with the other two antioxidants already mentioned, the ones I told you are essential or indispensable. So you can take Astaxanthin along with them as well. Okay? Astaxanthin is what gives the orange color to crustaceans and shellfish. Foods we were told not to consume once vaccinated. You know why. You know the reason. Astaxanthin is also usually extracted from algae.

Although they say it hasn't on Spanish radio and television, graphene oxide has been introduced in vials and other routes of administration such as masks —which were withdrawn but are still marketed— PCR tests, compresses, by inhalation, etc. Because all this is part of an agenda of extermination and death 7. So quercetin is very important as well. As I say, I'm talking about the ones that I have personally.

In the Nordic countries, where there is hardly any sunshine, 80% of the population is supplemented with vitamin D3. One pill a day. The dosage and dosage instructions must be followed. Everything is taken in the morning.

Some are synthetic chemicals, but not chemicals from a pharmacological or medicinal point of view. Milk thistle is a very antioxidant supplement. You can also take it. It's also a stomach protector for all the rest, although they come nicely wrapped in capsules.

In addition, it will help to reconcile the sleep cycles because precisely the electromagnetic fields inhibit melatonin. They prevent the body from naturally secreting melatonin. That is why they cause alteration of sleep cycles. Because melatonin is a hormone that is related to the regulation of these cycles. So, it's taken at night.

With all this, you ensure that you have a very high level of antioxidants. Under normal conditions, they're usually high, but they depend on variables such as age, exercise, obesity, youth...  Young people have very high levels of glutathione. However, if they have a toxic substance in their bodies, they experience distinctive fatigue. It's a fatigue that people who have been vaccinated tend to feel.

That happens because there is already an internal struggle between the oxidative stress caused by the toxicant and the body's reserves of glutathione and antioxidants.

Therefore, if the balance raises in favor of the soldiers that counteract the toxicant, then the balance is restored 8. It returns to normal within a few days, as we've seen in family members who took the shots. And they have also lost their magnetism, which is the most important thing.

Well, I think that's all.

I was going to comment that graphene oxide is doing damages right now, but what it's doing now is not that much compared to the damage it'll do to the body in a few days when 5G technology has been activated 9. Those bandwidth frequencies will allow the toxicity of graphene oxide to increase very considerably concerning the levels of antioxidants in the body. So, they quickly break that imbalance and trigger inflammatory syndrome, immune system collapse, altered oxidative stress very quickly —within hours— cytokine storm, bilateral pneumonia, and everything that you know as severe COVID-19. Or the neurological COVID-19 if you already have graphene in your head 10. That's a normal thing after vaccination because the magnetism moves from the arm to the head.

So that's all. I hope that in some way it has helped you. I will share the link to the video directly 11 and also upload it to the Odysee Channel 12. Leave in the comments any questions you have, and I will try to solve them to the best of my ability and knowledge. Well, that's all. Thank you all for watching this video and stay strong!"

—Ricardo Delgado, biostatistician and director of La Quinta Columna.

Remember that Orwell City is not affiliated with La Quinta Columna. This is a website dedicated to gathering important information that this team of researchers delivers (and also from the many others from the Spanish-speaking world who are doing a great job in unmasking the plandemic).
Orwell City summarizes, transcribes, translates, edits and subtitules videos so that everyone can learn about the shocking discovery they have made about the true content of the vaccination vials.

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