Aquarius New Moon: Electric Winds
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Aquarius New Moon: Electric Winds

February 11, 2021 — An electric Aquarius New Moon arrives on Thursday, at 11:05am Pacific Time.
Aquarius New Moon: Electric Winds

This lunation is surrounded by a cluster of planets in Aquarius, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the revolutionary Sixties. Over the past two months, Each planet has passed through the gates of Saturn and Pluto. We’ve undergone significant sandpapering and hard lessons, which have helped us grow and mature. Now, the winds of Aquarius are whipping us, pushing us toward lasting change and breakthrough. All of this Aquarian influence can feel destabilizing.

The sign, after all, is marked by unpredictability and chaos. Knowing this, we can make time to ground into our bodies, taking advantage of Mercury Retrograde to slow down and turn inward, integrating all that we’ve been feeling and experiencing. We may need to revisit problems from the past before leaping ahead. Leo, opposite to Aquarius, holds medicine for us now. We can focus on healing our inner child, working through any difficult emotions or thoughts with creative expression, playfulness, humor, generosity, and joy. Meanwhile, Venus is now conjunct Jupiter, blessing our relationships, sparking justice and balance, and clarifying our value systems. We have the chance to experience positive perspective shifts and expansion of mind. If we’re struggling, we can place our hands on our hearts, remembering what is truly important to us. Who can we call to support us in feeling our shared humanity? How can we work together in inspired collaboration? This New Moon is also conjunct Pallas, the Warrior Goddess asteroid, who helps us strategize, problem solve, and negotiate. High intelligence can guide us forward as we clarify our visions and hash out details for how we will accomplish them together.

The Sabian Symbol for today’s New Moon is particularly apt: “Blown Inward By The Wind, The Curtains Of An Open Window Take The Shape Of A Cornucopia.” The electric winds of change are disruptive and uncertain, but they also hold blessings of richness, if we can find our ground. Your Weekly Dose Of Wellness Receive the latest savings, events, herbal education and 10% Off your first purchase. On this Aquarius New Moon, may we embrace the whirlwinds of electric change as we anchor into our hearts. May we calm our minds, turning inward with careful reflection as we gracefully leap into our future selves. Juliana’s book, The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology, is available for purchase! You can sign up for her personal readings here. Juliana posts astrology videos, talks, Live Q+A’s, and classes regularly to her Patreon page. Sign up here to join! For more than twenty years, Juliana McCarthy has been studying and practicing Western Astrology, finding it to be a powerful tool for self-exploration and examining how we relate to others. She loves working with people to help them understand their authentic selves—their complexities, gifts, karma, and life paths. In particular, she finds Astrology to be helpful for major transitions, unexpected life changes, and for better understanding relationships—romantic and otherwise. Juliana also practices Energy Healing, using a blend of Reiki and shamanic methods. She helps facilitate powerful breakthroughs by clearing blockages around physical, spiritual, relationship, and emotional difficulties. A longtime student of Tibetan Buddhism, she's an avid meditator and spiritual practitioner.

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