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Are the Unvaxxed Deadly Drivers?

In this 12-minute video, oncologist, author and speaker Dr. Vinay Prasad identifies several flaws in the design and conclusions of a December 2022 research study.

Are the Unvaxxed Deadly Drivers?

Researchers from Sunnybrook Research Institute1 in Canada published the study in the American Journal of Medicine,2 concluding that people who are not vaccinated get into more car accidents than those who choose to take the experimental genetic jab.

1 2

There were many problems with the study, which Prasad believes is nothing more than clickbait for the mainstream media as the headlines from Yahoo! News,3 Fortune,4 and the Times of India5 have demonstrated.

3 4 5

The results of this study add to the poor “science” that mainstream media and some public health experts are using to stigmatize and dehumanize those who have chosen to protect their health without taking the jab. This is even more irrational as you consider the shot does not prevent infection and does not prevent the spread of the virus.

People who have received one, two, three or more doses are still getting infected, and at ever-increasing rates. They are spreading the infection to those who are vaxxed and unvaxxed and, based on data collected by the FDA and CDC,6 the jab may be just as dangerous and likely to kill as the virus. More than 80 studies7 have shown that natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is equal or superior to the immunity you get from the jab.

6 7

Whatever protection may be ascribed to the jab, studies have also shown that the effectiveness rapidly wanes.

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