Are You 100% Ready To Leave Your Day Job Behind?

Are you stuck in a day job that affects your health and well-being and consumes unspeakable amounts of your energy, headspace, and time each day? Do you want more than anything to get OUT? It is a scenario that vast numbers of folks know extremely well. On a personal level, I have been there. I get it. This is also one of the primary areas in which the clients I work with are working tirelessly within to create a meaningful and sustainable shift.

The thing is, the feelings that usually accompany this situation are of the heavy variety and make it very difficult for you to truly see yourself and take an honest inventory of the juncture at which you find yourself right now. These can include feelings of: Just the idea of trying to navigate your way to your most authentic, capable Self through these feelings can help you understand why you have been finding it difficult to feel decisive and empowered about the experiences or type of job you want to create next. You might be beginning to recognise that this spectrum of emotions also contributes to the experience of feeling unappreciated and unseen. In a very unspoken and clever way, you have, over time, been training your employer and colleagues to treat you like a shadow of the REAL person you sense yourself to be. Your energetic vibration actually invites them to treat you according to your subliminal messages about your self-awareness (or lack thereof), boundaries (or lack of them), and what you believe you are capable of and deserve. In this way, it is easy to see how the quality of your experiences and exchanges at work can perpetuate the cycle of dissatisfaction, uncertainty, and stagnation you’ve been in. If you are recognising that this is a pattern that has been playing itself out for some time in your job, I have some great news for you. Consider that your understanding and image of yourself has, beneath the surface and of its own accord, actually been growing, stretching, and shifting all the while! And even though you might not be able to see it right now, your relationship to yourself and the ways in which you can potentially earn your living have been opening up and shifting accordingly as well. In any workplace, organisation, company or office space (substitute the particulars of your situation as an employee here), there is a certain pecking order and equilibrium that, in stepping in, you’ve unwittingly agreed to and have been helping to maintain.

There are of course progressive employers who recognise the huge importance of their employees’ work/life balance and overall happiness levels, value the benefits of personal development, and actively encourage you to better yourself and advance your career. If this is not the case in your workplace however — and I am guessing that it is not or else you wouldn’t be feeling so desperately that you want out — it is vital that you get to grips with the fact that there is likely considerable ‘organisational’ investment in you staying just as you are, where you are. You must be able to differentiate your fundamental understanding of who you ARE and what you most need as an individual from the person your organisation or employer requires you to be in order that it can succeed. Going back to the heavy spectrum of emotions I mentioned above, this is actually your Spirit’s or Higher Self’s (insert whatever you want to call your instinct for self-preservation here) way of reminding you of who you really are, your magnitude and true potential. Woven into your discomfort is your intuition — the force that knows precisely how to help you navigate your way out of your current job, becoming more of your REAL, authentic Self as you do in order that you can move into the next thing — the next learning experience that on your most fundamental level, you want and need. Stirrings of discomfort are ultimately a deep inner call for you to draw closer to your REAL Self, trust and appreciate yourself more. If you are 100% ready to leave your day job behind and this message has been striking a chord, then it is important that I pull this truth out of the shadows and into plain view: You have a choice now to either put these stirrings to the back of your mind or to acknowledge your need and entitlement to MORE... more happiness, recognition, abundance, and love. What do you choose? There is no judgement from any corner whatever you decide. If there is anything I am certain about from the last 14 years of working closely with clients, it is that you possess a built in navigation system based on your deep essential needs and truth, and as a result, your self-realisation process also has its own unique timing and pace. If you are recognising, however, that you want to honour your process and need to be happy, spiritually and emotionally free, the most common question I get from folks at this point is: “How? I am committed and willing to do whatever it takes but I’m not sure what I need to do.” And to get you started, as a very first step, you need to take an honest inventory of how your job has and does serve you right now. Gratitude and acceptance are key here. Secondly, it can be immensely helpful to begin to reframe how your job can actually help you create and move into your next learning experience. This can be for example by: Perhaps the most powerful, crucial bit of insight and information I can share with you, however, is how you actually begin to reconnect with and harness your inherent creative potential that knows precisely how to dismantle the barriers and limits that have been keeping you feeling shrouded and stuck. And as simple as it sounds, that is to follow your intuition. More than likely, the reason you are in this situation of being desperately unhappy in your day job is that you have become disconnected from your built-in magic, imagination, inspiration and creative ability. You’ve been functioning at a mere fraction of your full potential as a cog in the organisational wheel. If this message is speaking to you, I want more than anything to honour your courage and help as you begin to consciously create your next learning experience or job. I’ve created a free 7-Step Intuition Activation Checklist to help you do just that. Simply click the link and sign up to receive the free download now! .

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