Are You Always Fighting Fires? It’s Time For You To Take Control

Whether or not you’ve considered it in these terms before, there is a sweet spot that you have inadvertently been striving your whole life to attain! Chances are if you are reading this on Collective Evolution, you are a progressive thinker, socially conscious, not just interested in your well being but that of the environment, the planet and its vast spectrum of inhabitants. You might be working consciously on your personal development and feel strongly about lending your voice, expertise, energy, resources and time to various worthy causes. But did you know, that right now, within you, there is an even greater way you can hugely multiply your impact while you are here in the world?! Your sweet spot is the place in which you are in maximum alignment with both your inner and outer worlds. It is the place within where you know yourself, the importance of your sacred message and contribution to the world and your inherent value and worth. It is the place without where you are able to take your deep conviction of this same inherent value and worth out into the world with confidence and ease so your full vision, magnitude and capability can be excitedly received by the many who have been waiting for it to be shared. In this perfect place of balance, your sweet spot, you are in your zone. There is an overall sense of ‘rightness’ that you are showing up authentically, sharing your unique contribution and Self with the world.

There is happiness, abundance, meaning, fulfilment, purpose and flow because on so many different levels of awareness and being, you are aligned. Have you ever found yourself so pressed for time that you literally find yourself running or stealing a moment to do something basic like take the rubbish out, have a shower, meal, or go to the bathroom? Life is alarmingly busy for so many of us. Rather than feeling spacious, balanced, peaceful and calm, it is easy to feel like you wake up simply to ‘fight fires’ everyday. Without a doubt, there are SO many things you need to fit and schedule into your life. It is no wonder that important things like keeping on top of your paperwork, exercise, health, finances, sleep, recreation and play often get lost so that you can fight the fire du jour. If you’ve been spending vast quantities of your energy and time fighting fires, it is no secret that it wreaks havoc on all levels of your well-being — mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. It takes you right out of the present moment and communication with your innate rhythm, body’s wisdom and pace.

The importance of the present moment here cannot be underestimated because this is where your true power and clarity lie. Your ability to know and fulfil your present-time needs is the key to being able to live a life that feels grounded and aligned. And it is only by establishing a life that feels grounded and aligned that you can show up fully as your authentic Self. Apart from the general ‘busy-ness’ of modern life however, it must be mentioned that there is another, comparatively more sinister reason you might possibly find yourself getting swept up in other people’s agendas and unconsciously over-scheduling yourself. And that is, the state of being ‘uber busy’ provides an effective distraction from deeply submerged, unresolved emotions and pain. If you have been fighting fires, the reason it is so vitally important to take an honest look at the effect it has been having on you, is because it causes you to show up only in isolated areas of your life, as diluted versions of who you really are rather than showing up fully to your entire life as who you REALLY are. Far from being productive, it causes you to fritter away vast amounts of energy, headspace and time, whilst not even being present to your life or your primary relationship with your body, mind...yourself. Not only do you rob yourself of the opportunity to create much richer more meaningful relationships and life experiences, you rob others of the chance to experience and benefit from the tremendous beauty and magic within you.

The truth is that you were born wired with an innate rhythm, wisdom and pace, but we lead such busy, frenetic lives that very few of us these days actually slow down enough, for long enough, to tune into these aspects of ourselves. Being able to listen in and follow the primordial beating of your own silent drum is your escape route to freedom, your full magnitude, potentiality, TRUTH and Self. By listening in closely to the rhythm, wisdom and pace of your soul, you begin ever so slightly to claw back your ability to be in the present moment, in communication with your real Self and consciously co-create your life. And so this synopsis begs the question ‘How have YOU been showing up?’ Have you been showing up in diminished capacities or as fleeting versions of your authentic Self in the areas of your life about which you feel most passionate? What might become possible if you connected deeply into your innate rhythm, wisdom and pace...the place within which your authentic Self resides...and allowed yourself to show up according to your truth, fully, ALL the time. What might become possible for YOU? .

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