Artist Perfectly Captures The Disturbing Flaws Of Our Modern Society
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Artist Perfectly Captures The Disturbing Flaws Of Our Modern Society

Artist Perfectly Captures The Disturbing Flaws Of Our Modern Society

Artist John Holcroft, well-known for his 1950’s advertisement-style illustrations which brilliantly convey satirical messages about modern society, has come out with another series of images drawing attention to social issues ranging from the insanity of some of our social media habits to obscure health ideals contained in our society. John has been published by the BBC, Reader’s Digest, The Guardian, and The Financial Times, among others. It seems as though every time he releases a series of images like this, those images spread like wildfire. But why is that? If they are drawing attention to the unfortunate realities of our current times and yet people are connecting with them, it must mean that the truth in these images is resonating, right? So what’s stopping us from adopting the truth of these messages and using them as the impetus for changing our lives? Much like how a Hollywood movie or a television show can contain strikingly powerful truths about the state of our world, inviting us to think critically about certain issues, these images can get us thinking about shifting our perceptions, reflecting on where we’ve gone with some of these social issues, and considering how we can change them. But will images such as these, much like movies and TV, be enough to ignite the conversation? Or are all mediums simply seen as entertainment and therefore less real? It seems to be the zeitgeist that we know something is “wrong,” something is up with how we are living, and yet sometimes can’t quite put our finger on it.

The collective consciousness is truly tapping into a higher level of awareness of what is going on in our world and it’s evident in so much of what we see today. People are either asking for change in a big way, making it themselves, or are right on the edge of beginning their journey. It’s like noticing a slight floral scent in the air on a summer day at the park. You know it’s there, you may not know where it’s coming from exactly, but you want to find it and enjoy its beauty. I believe we are in the midst of a huge shift. We are in for a fun ride! The good old chase! Is this really what makes us happy? Burning money and killing ourselves in the process. Our obsession with the ‘Facebook Like’ Bound and crippled by contracts. A worker is a worker, they’re just a number, a package. Completely disposable. Mama bank. Monetary gluttons. Earth’s resources are nothing but cash. More, more, more! Plant our roots in front of the TV. Technological obsessions. Skewed perceptions of health. All images via the amazing: .

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