Authorities Now Imposing Fines Using Smart Meter Data & Suppression Of Real Solutions
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Authorities Now Imposing Fines Using Smart Meter Data & Suppression Of Real Solutions

Authorities Now Imposing Fines Using Smart Meter Data & Suppression Of Real Solutions

It’s time to ask ourselves a fundamental question: is this universe abundant or scarce? As was always the plan, “smart” meters are now facilitating austerity measures and penalties in a for-profit state of manufactured lack. Fines are now being arbitrarily imposed from “smart” meter data, with utilities now apparently assuming the power of judge and jury.

The Long Beach Water Department admits, “We are using [smart meter data] specifically for an enforcement tool to go after those customers who we’ve gotten lots of complaints about.” And authorities have started a social media snitching campaign to get people to photograph and film so-called “water wasters” — people who many not be doing anything more than watering their lawn in a normal way. Meanwhile, 80% of Californian water is used by commercial agriculture operations, including Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). (link) And as with all Hegelian ploys, it’s evident that California’s water-rationing crisis is actually a man-made disaster.

The state has halted construction of any new water storage facilities since the 1970’s, and regulators have “let more than 2.6 million acre-feet out into the bay.” Literally flushing 850 billion gallons of fresh water into the ocean, during the past two winters amid the drought. (link) The corporate-government complex’ disconnected patt has become this: crises are created on purpose (explicitly or by intentional mismanagement) in order to technocratically enslave everyone – one drop at a time, so less alarm bells ring. Fascism is defined as a corporate-government merger of power. It is “socialism with a capitalist veneer,” according to the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. Let us be clear: the definition now applies. As awareness of the problem continues to grow exponentially and we get closer to its root, here is what I understand to be the antidote, and what I am myself striving toward: We cannot wait for others to do it for us, or for some magical leader to appear out of the woodwork.

The solution is necessarily coming via all of us, as we are learning (perhaps the hard way) that we cannot entrust the responsibility for our lives to any external human being, organization, or structure – no matter how convenient or gadgetized the short-term path of least resistance is. As a caterpillar’s body is necessarily dissolved in the cocoon, the old structures are dissolving in this time of systems breakdown. It can feel a bit unnerving. However, as “imaginal” cells within a caterpillar realign to its new body structure, the creation of a new pattern is emerging through everyone who would like to participate, in protecting life and creating something new. Sources: ( ( .

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