Awakening Requires No Special Identity
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Awakening Requires No Special Identity

These days we see people all over the globe awakening to what is happening with the shift in consciousness and it gets more and more exciting everyday.
Awakening Requires No Special Identity

One thing I do find thought is the entire process seems to be getting overcomplicated by various things all having to do with the mind. We get stuck in wanting to know all of the juicy information or focusing too much on defining everything. This leads us awayfrom truly looking at what is important which is our internal growth. At the same time we can see the push to go from one identity we have for ourselves to another. We beging to think we must speak differently, wear different clothes or do certain activities that all match what it means to be spiritual. We even begin focusing on ways we can begin to define ourselves with new words and ideas. While all of this is fine if it unfolds naturally and unclear of the minds need for it, it is clear that much of the time there is more of a focus being put on creating a new identity than actually doing what is most important for the shift. I will let the video talk about the rest. Peace! .

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