Best 3-Day Juice Program: Designed By Naturopath Who Healed Herself From 8 Chronic Gut Diseases!

I have been struggling with digestive issues for a few months now, to the point where I bloat instantly from the simplest foods and even liquids.

To make matters worse, I have been travelling for a month and we all know how difficult it can be to eat pure and whole foods or follow a healing protocol while in a foreign country. I was eating whatever friends would serve and only rarely had time to find an organic grocery store to stock up on the foods my body needed. Just as I was becoming fed up of watching digestion and energy deteriorate, I saw that my favorite natural health expert, Brittany Auerbach (aka Montreal Healthy Girl), had launched a 3-day juice program specifically designed to heal the gut and detox the body! Luckily, I was staying with a friend who had a juicer, so I decided to give it a try. While starting the cleanse, I noticed a few detox symptoms such as nausea and a headache. But these quickly subsided and were replaced by increased energy, a flat stomach (after days of incessant bloating), more regular bowel movements, and basically the end of my uncomfortable gut symptoms. (Of course, you have to maintain a clean and healthy diet afterwards to continue to experience these benefits.) I am so excited to share with you this juice program and have asked Brittany herself to introduce it with her own personal story and amazing knowledge about health.

There was a time when I couldn’t eat anything without rushing to the bathroom in agony. I lived in fear of food and how my body would react to everything I placed near my lips. From near-emaciation from lack of nutrient absorption to being painfully bloated, puffy, and abdominally distended to the point of breathing impairment, I definitely remember what living with chronic digestive disease was like! (Brittany’s Disease History) Years of antibiotic use for various infections, too much alcohol, birth control pills, and a less ­than ­optimal lifestyle paved the way to years battling a ravaged leaky gut, loaded with yeast and parasites, numerous food sensitivities, and an otherworldly sugar addiction. Life is all about chemistry — from the life­cycle of animals, the seasonal growing of plants and trees, right down to the precious functioning of the human body. This chemistry is both beautifully complex and highly sensitive to environmental changes.

The same microbes inhabiting the soils on our front lawn that fertilize and grow your lush grass and sprout the beginning stages of life in your local kale are also living inside of us.

These ‘bugs,’ good and bad, are making up 90% of the cells inside of our body and a great part of our inner chemistry is dictated by the messages these bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and parasites are communicating both to each other and, more importantly, to our human cells. In other words, they are critical to our survival and we would not be able to maintain life or create life without them! They are life. Sadly, our current lifestyle patterns and ways of approaching disease such as antibiotics, synthetic birth control/medications, chemical food additives, pesticides, plastics, vaccinations, processed denatured foods, genetically modified organisms, and our reliance on stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, and drugs pave the way to a body and gut that is bombarded with toxins, way too much candida fungus, parasites, opportunistic anaerobic bacteria, and insufficient beneficial bacteria. As these beneficial bacteria colonies are killed off, we become unable to absorb our nutrients effectively which leads to weakened immunity, chronic deficiency, hormone imbalance, and a lack of critical brain neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. This lack of happy brain hormones compounded by a heavy load of sugar-­loving parasites and yeast leads us to become addicted to artificial foods and processed sugars while simultaneously numbing our natural instinct to seek healing, living, and natural foods. This vicious cycle results in slow cell turnover, cellular DNA weakness, and chronic gut disease and imbalance.

The key to reversing this is to manipulate chemistry through mineral therapy, and use natural, non aggressive anti­microbial foods to diminish undesirable organisms while re­seeding the gut lining with good flora. If you are struggling right now as I was, please do not feel discouraged — it is absolutely possible to heal your gut and life an abundant, vibrant, healthy life! I dedicated the last five years of my life to obsessively uncovering everything I could find about the human body, reversing disease naturally, and promoting gut health. What I discovered not only saved my gut, but also my life, and I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to my gut ­soothing, parasite and yeast­ eradicating 3 day candida cleanse! This liquid plan is focused on coating the digestive tract with the anti­microbial and immune­ boosting power of coconut oil, while supplying abundant minerals to the cells to induce quicker cell ­turnover and gut regeneration, as well as including astringent foods such as lemons, alkalizing greens and beets to help purge the liver and stimulate bile flow and gallbladder release. This combination is aimed at maximizing inner healing, cooling inflammation, re­setting taste receptors to make it easier to transition back to a healthy eating plan, and restoring the damaged immune system! I am sending all of my healing support and love your way and wishing you the greatest cleansing experience imaginable! Happy healing! Brittany Auerbach CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE 3 DAY JUICE PROGRAM .

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