Breaking: Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison For Sexual Assaults

Harvey Weinstein was just sentenced to 23 years in prison.Actions like those of Harvey Weinstein have been coming into light for the past few years.

. Does this illustrate the power of speaking up? Harvey Weinstein was just sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault of multiple women.

The Hollywood mogul goes to prison as the first major case out of the #MeToo movement. It illustrates the power of voices coming together in unison to expose actions that are otherwise enabled by remaining hidden. It’s why we focus some of our media here at CE on the idea of Breaking The Illusion, which helps people understand that what they believe about their world how it functions may not be true. Weinstein was convicted last month of raping an actress in a New York City hotel room in 2013 and forcibly performing oral sex on former TV and film production assistant Mimi Haleyi at his apartment in 2006. Weinstein faced a maximum of 29 years in prison for his actions. More than 90 women, including actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek and Uma Thurman, eventually spoke up and accused Weinstein of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Weinstein told the court he felt “remorse for this situation” and that he felt “Thousands of men are losing due process. I’m worried about this country,” he said. Weinstein went on further to say that he feels men are being accused of “things that none of us understood.” “I’m totally confused. I think men are confused about these issues.” Weinstein added that he had fond memories of his accusers. As he looked back at various emails exchanged with his accusers during the trial, he said, he thought they had a good friendship: “I had wonderful times with these people.” After watching Corey Feldman’s recent documentary just yesterday, and then hearing this news today, we are truly seeing the shift that occurs when people question authority figures and speak up about actions that cause suffering and are made to be hidden. It feels as though an energy continues to build around these subjects, and even though they might be difficult to hear about, they represent a shadow within society’s consciousness that must be faced as we move towards a better world. Food is intimately connected to the strength — or weakness — of your immune system to fight disease effectively (and without over-reacting). With this handbook, you’ll find out which foods you should eat if you want to optimize your immune system. Download Handbook Now!.

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