BREAKING: Kim Davis Jailed On Contempt Charges For Refusing To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses. (An Interesting Perspective)
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BREAKING: Kim Davis Jailed On Contempt Charges For Refusing To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses. (An Interesting Perspective)

Kim Davis is a Kentucky County clerk who began refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses.
BREAKING: Kim Davis Jailed On Contempt Charges For Refusing To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses. (An Interesting Perspective)

After being told she had no choice in the matter, Kim continued her defiance, forcing the federal court to step in. In the latest development, the federal judge in charge of the case stated that he didn’t think fining a defiant Kentucky clerk would force her to comply with his order to issue marriage licenses. Moreover, he was concerned that her many supporters would simply pay the fines for her. She was jailed on Thursday on contempt charges and will remain so until she agrees to issue marriage licenses.

There have been a number of reactions to not only what she was doing but also to the potential jail time or fines she faces as a result. With gay marriage having so recently become legal, there are inevitably going to be those who are still opposed to it, and who may do whatever they can to have their opinions heard (or even, perhaps to obstruct the rights of gays), like Davis did. Of course, the differing opinions come from the many sides of this argument.

There is the religious side, where people stick by their faith and belief that God forbids gay marriage. And then there is the side of those who are in favor of freedom for all, who believe love between any two people is a beautiful thing. One perspective comes from Arkansas Govenor Mike Huckabee: Kim is a person of great conviction. When people of conviction fight for what’s right they often pay a price, but if they don’t and we surrender, we will pay a far greater price for bowing to the false God of judicial supremacy. Government is not God. No man – and certainly no unelected lawyer – has the right to redefine the laws of nature or of nature’s God. Five unelected lawyers have abused their power by ruling in favor of a national right to same-sex marriage with no legal precedent and with nothing in our Constitution to back it up.

They have violated American’s most fundamental right guaranteed by our Constitution — religious liberty. [1] Huckabee’s point is that Kim is acting in what she absolutely believes to be the right course of action. So can you blame her? This is the challenge when we bring things like religious beliefs into areas of society that affect the free will of other people.

There is absolutely no evidence that a God has ever even stated gay marriage is criminal, therefore forcing those restrictions onto people is uncalled for. But on the other hand, people strongly believe in what is written in the Bible and therefore are only acting to the best of their knowledge. So how do we go about creating a society where people believe in different things and all want to be happy and represented? I think when we look at the fact that we must make laws and structures that are universal to all, it is only common sense to do so in a way where religious beliefs play absolutely no role. Look at this case, someone who has rigid beliefs is not abiding by a law simply because they don’t want others to be free. While they may be standing up for what they believe in, they are also limiting other people. Now, it is absolutely important to stand up for what you believe in. In fact, even people like myself do that in the face of mainstream ideals, because I believe (and feel there is evidence to show that) many things being presented to us are not only untruthful but can be destructive to society. So when do we decide it’s the right time to stand up and interfere vs. when we need to let things go? Is it when we know what we are doing isn’t going to be detrimental to the freedoms of others? I think so. Because in this case, making gay marriage legal does not put limitations on the lives of people who disagree with it. By contrast, depriving gay people of the right to marry because of the beliefs of others very much hampers their ability to live freely. We know that people are capable of maintaining morals and values even without religion, so we should not fear that society will crumble if religion is not built into its structure. By that same token, we know that even the deeply religious are capable of crime or hate – clearly faith has little to do with behaving morally. Many nations consider themselves to be Muslim, Jewish, Christian etc., and still look how ruthless they can be. Bombing, war, slavery, racism, destruction, judgment.

These are all pieces of our modern world whether or not religion is directly linked politics, so maybe it’s time we make the division once and for all? H/T 1. RawStory .

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