Burning Aid Trucks In Venezuela Bring Western Propaganda To Light
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Burning Aid Trucks In Venezuela Bring Western Propaganda To Light

The burning of a truck at a closed Venezuelan border gate purportedly bringing supplies from the West was immediately, and falsely, blamed on Nicolas Maduro and his forces..
Burning Aid Trucks In Venezuela Bring Western Propaganda To Light

The false narrative was widely reported in mainstream media. Can we use these examples to help us discern how our perception is being controlled by mainstream media and the powerful social engineers behind them? By now the propaganda ‘playbook’ used by Western powers should be all too familiar to anyone awakening out of the illusion of mainstream perception, even those in the beginning stages. Two particular things that they do have helped to accelerate this awakening. First, the West keeps using the same play over and over again, so much so that seeing the pattern is unavoidable, no matter what the context. Western powers will demonize the leadership of any country they are not in control of, with particular emphasis on countries that have resources that those Western powers covet, and/or hold a strategic area on the geopolitical chessboard that Western powers want to establish a military presence within. Second, the lies and deception behind their ‘play’ are often getting immediately revealed, thanks to the capturing of real audio and video of the event. More often than not, mainstream media is forced to admit that the initial claims on which their unholy outrage is anchored turned out to be false. Still–and this is what is notable–revelations that some of their foregone conclusions were based on false premises does not dampen their enthusiasm for demonizing their intended target going forward.

They sometimes continue to use the ‘juice’ of the claims even though they have been proven to be false. As far as propaganda strategies go, they almost seem willing to ground their arguments on lies in order to whip up support for their cause.

Their calculation is that most of their supporters will simply ignore reports about what happened when the truth comes out days or weeks later. This is the state of the world today, and this is why this strategy has not yet been relegated to the dustbin of history. Let’s take a look at the latest iteration of it. In Venezuela, the goal is the demonizing of Venezuela’s current Socialist leader Nicolas Maduro, to the point that there is popular support for Western military involvement in the affairs of Venezuela, ending in the installation of a new leader that accommodates Western economic interests. Reminds me of efforts to convince people that Syria’s Bashar al-Assad felt the need to gas his own people to death, including children. Related CE Articles: BBC Producer Blows The Whistle Admits The “Gas Attack” Footage From Syria “Was Staged”, Russia Says White Helmets Making More Fake Chemical Attack Videos With Kids To Justify Attacking Syria, Syrian Doctor In Douma Has Some Serious Doubts Over The Chemical Gas Attack In Venezuela, the West is actually trying to convince their audience that Nicolas Maduro is a leader who believes that killing his own people and burning food and medical supplies on his country’s doorstep is good politics.

They don’t explain why he does that, they just leave it to our imaginations to see him as some kind of devil incarnate rather than a human being.

The problem is that these tactics, to some extent, still work. Western powers keep getting people to believe it just by saying it over. And over. No matter that they are completely lying and probably responsible in whole or in part for the incident itself. For Western powers, there’s probably nothing like a visual of burning chaos that they can blame on their enemy to get their supporters riled up for their cause. On February 23rd, trucks from Western powers allegedly containing food and medicine arrived at a border crossing between Columbia and Venezuela that was actually closed and barricaded.

The Venezuelan authority did not accept the trucks into the country, and whether or not they actually contained aid or something else is a matter of conjecture.

Then, one man among a group of activists opposed to Maduro on the Columbian side pelted a Molotov cocktail at the convoy, leading one of the trucks to catch fire. (See video below). This video found by @graffitiborrao appears to show the moment when an opposition guarimbero throws a Molotov cocktail on a truck loaded with US aid: pic.twitter.com/Z4Bg6dL4BR — Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) February 24, 2019 A brief examination of statements made on Twitter following the incident by National Security Advisor John Bolton and re-upped by USAID Administrator Mark Green reveals all we need to see: #Maduro ordering the firing on and burning of trucks filled with humanitarian aid attacking volunteers is unconscionable. I condemn the killings human rights abuses committed by Maduro. Violent attacks against life-saving aid for #Venezuela is despicable. #EstamosUnidosVE https://t.co/BOSuVP1mTL — Mark Green (@USAIDMarkGreen) February 23, 2019 From Bolton’s comments, and then Green’s, it should be clear that both of these men are guilty of lying and deceiving for the purposes of perception-building and justifying illegitimate political action.

They know it’s all about perception. For them, the ends justify the means.

The fact that they are completely unmoved and unapologetic in the face of revelations that they are purveying false information, and will forever promote the West’s agenda with all their vigor is clear and solid proof that truth is antithetical to their agenda. History will see people like John Bolton and Mark Green as the true war criminals of this era, knowingly deceiving the public and preying upon a vulnerable native population in order to get their ‘permission’ and support to exploit them. This tweet from Glenn Greenwald responding to CNN’s Marshall Cohen is a stark and accurate rebuttal of Cohen’s explanation about how these fabricated stories begin to proliferate, as outlined in a New York Times article that came out weeks after the incident: You have to be fucking joking with this tweet. It was CNN – the outlet where you work – that led the way in spreading this lie all over the world. CNN claimed it saw with its own eyes something that never happened. It ignored all the evidence presented weeks ago proving this lie: https://t.co/HzVSTRnlvx — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) March 10, 2019 As Greenwald rightly points out, the mainstream media led by CNN is not the victim of disinformation and fake news, it is the purveyor of disinformation and fake news. Clearly and indelibly linked to the agenda of Western Powers and the Deep State, the mainstream media delights in sounding the clarion with lies that support the Deep State agenda, while giving muted and reluctant coverage of the truth, and only when forced to by the inconvenient evidence that emerges. For those who might think otherwise, please don’t read this article as being in support of Nicolas Maduro or as an endorsement of his policies. It is simply written to draw your attention to the fact that the coverage of events we receive in the West does not provide the real information about what is happening in Venezuela and the day-to-day reality of its people. It is important to become more widely aware of this and reject this form of biased journalism in favor of one that employs consciousness, seeks neutrality and singularly pursues the truth. Taking a look at the way mainstream media is used as the arm for perception-building efforts on the part of Western powers can be a very effective way of honing our discernment about bias masquerading as objective fact. Our own power is strengthened when we question claims, especially those that resonate with our current perception, and are willing to see the world in a more sophisticated and nuance.

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