Buzz Aldrin Calls For Humanity To Mass Migrate To Mars
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Buzz Aldrin Calls For Humanity To Mass Migrate To Mars

Buzz Aldrin is calling for humanity to begin uniting and working towards a mass migration to Mars.He seems to feel humanity must either evolve to exit Earth or be destroyed.
Buzz Aldrin Calls For Humanity To Mass Migrate To Mars
What do we really know about Mars as it is? Does NASA and mainstream thought envelope all we truly know? Since landing on the moon during Apollo 11’s mission in 1969, Buzz Aldrin has been very outspoken about Mars. His latest about Mars? It’s time for humanity to explore the red orb so we can look to begin colonizing it. In late March of 2019, Vice President of The United States Mike Pence stated, “We are in a space race,” as he addressed an audience hearing him speak about the US making a bid to return to the moon by 2024. Aldrin’s latest comments come from a recent article in the Washington Post where he calls upon both Congress and President Trump to not only send humans to Mars, but to begin building up a permanent presence there.

The following quotes from the article sum up the sentiment Aldrin is sharing about Mars: “To be clear, I do not mean spending billions of taxpayer dollars on a few hijinks or joy rides, allowing those who return to write books, tweet photos and talk of the novelty. I mean something very different.” “It is time we get down to blueprints, architecture and implementation, and to take that next step — a sustainable international return to the moon, directly charting a pathway to Mars.” “The United States’ eyes — and our unified commitment — should focus on opening the door, in our time, to the great migration of humankind to Mars. Books aplenty have been written about how to do this, and they have inspired government and non-government leaders to make lofty plans. But plans without a detailed architecture, and without that “next step” into the future, are just fantasy.” NASA currently targets 2033 as the earliest possible date for a manned mission to Mars. This puts Aldrin’s vision of a united interplanetary mission to Mars into a lot more perspective – it truly isn’t that far fetched. If you happen to be someone who has been researching alternative technologies and secret space programs or who has heard from various ‘whistleblowers’ who claim to be part of secret space programs, you might feel Mars already was habitable at one time, with evidence of previous civilizations. You might also feel that through secret space programs connected to the black budget, missions to Mars are already happening and have been for quite some time. Gary Mckinnon showed us this idea is not far fetched at all thanks to his hack of government computers that revealed much of what goes on in space. In fact, on an episode of The Collective Evolution Show we covered the black budget as it relates to secret space programs in deep detail. You can listen to the first hour of that episode via our podcast here, or watch the full 3 hours on CETV here. One thing that struck me as a bit interesting was Aldrin’s comments regarding humanity’s survival. “Human nature – and potentially the ultimate survival of our species – demands humanity’s continued outward reach into the universe...” Is this an idea out of fear of Earth’s destruction? Who knows, but given the mass amounts of misinformation about Earth becoming quickly uninhabitable, it’s possible Aldrin feels this way. This, of course, isn’t to say humanity doesn’t have to clean up its act when it comes to the environment, that certainly must be done, but for example, congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is not correct in her asserting that we have “like” 10 years to fix our planet before the world ends. I go into much more detail about our environment, the need to stop pollution, the barriers in place to stop that discussion and the steps moving forward to shift this challenge in this video. To contrast that, Aldrin refers to unity as a means to bring humanity together in a divided time: “In a world of division and distraction, this mission is unifying – for all Americans and for all humankind...” Certainly a message that we can all resonate with as mass media and popular narratives push to divide the public on issues of ethnicity, culture, gender and more. What do we really know about Mars? Should we ignore the alternative research and information out there that suggests what the government, NASA and people like Buzz Aldrin are eluding to is only a small part of the story? And that it’s quite possible there is a lot more going on, but that it’s kept a secret from the public? Certainly exploring the recent face on Mars, the Gary McKinnon hack and the uncovering of black budget money going missing in secret space programs is worth exploring when figuring out the big picture, is it not? Is Aldrin perhaps part of a slow, controlled disclosure narrative to the public? Slowly warming them up to ideas about space that have long been known yet hidden from the public? And now, the information will be dripped out such that those keeping secrets will not get ‘egg on their face’ during the entire process? Will we even be told the full truth? Or should we turn our attention to the real whistleblowers and researchers in this space? When it comes to fear of our survival, I highly recommend you explore even just a bit more about this faulty C02 narrative that is only distracting us from the bigger discussion, the elephant in the room, which is of course that our system, those who control it and our limited consciousness are holding us back from creating any real change on our planet... and exploring space. You can watch the full 3 hour broadcast of The Collective Evolution Show on CETV where we discuss topics related to this in more detail. You can sign up here: Use promo code CETV20 to save $20 on a yearly membe.

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