Can Ayahuasca Save Our Planet? The Grand Initiative
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Can Ayahuasca Save Our Planet? The Grand Initiative

Wrapped in the jungle of the Amazon grows a vine that has caught the attention of medical researchers, shamans, and spirituality-seeking tourists for centuries.
Can Ayahuasca Save Our Planet? The Grand Initiative

Now this spirit vine, as it’s more affectionately called, has corporate executives flying from around the world to experience its empowering medicine.

The purpose? To dig deep within one’s self to unleash dormant creative potential. But, something else seems to be happening to these executives too. When they enter the Amazon to better themselves, they walk out with a clear purpose to better the world. The vine’s name? Mother Ayahuasca. Born into a family of entrepreneurs in Hawaii, Jeffrey Slayter grew up with a unique relationship to the nature of corporate business and Mother Earth. When we sat down for a chat, he said the future of business depends on building a symbiotic relationship between humanity, Mother Earth, and corporations. Case in point: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (image source) So, in a move that takes Wall Street to the Amazon Jungle, Jeffrey is doing a bit of the unimaginable. He is pulling together the biggest influencers in the world in what he calls, The Grand Initiative. Why? To create worldwide sustainable change in as little time as possible. Just how does Jeffrey plan to inspire these influencers to build sustainable businesses? It starts with a trip down to Peru, a sip of the thick brew made from Ayahuasca, and a retreat with local shamans. The Grand Initiative brings together the world’s leading influencers to engage in this ancient Peruvian tradition, where most participants develop an interconnectedness with nature and humanity through an introspective psychedelic experience. Here’s some raw data to sip.

There are only 1,645 billionaires on the planet and a relatively small number of A-list celebrities and athletes full of incredible social media clout.

These influencers can have a tremendous positive impact in our world today, perhaps without even having to spend a dime. Just what affect does Ayahuasca have on the executive? Apparently a big one. At age 26, Michael Sanders found himself with a promising career as an executive in Toronto, Canada. At first, his story is not unlike that of many millennials. He went to college, earned a degree, landed a good job, and followed the advice his parents and the Western world strongly enforce. He headed down to Peru to experience the Peruvian brew used by Amazonian Shamans for centuries. He didn’t have any clear intention but looked simply to focus his career path. In his memoir, Ayahuasca: An Executive’s Enlightenment, Michael writes, “I’d like to find some clarity on my career path. I’m also interested to learn more about my body, so that I can retrain certain neuromuscular pathways to prevent the symptoms of past injuries from resurfacing.” After his experience, he left Peru with a deeper sense of purpose, quit his role in a promising gaming startup, and focused his efforts on clean energy and fulfilling his dream of writing a best-selling book. Michael maintains his position as partner for SunMoon Energy with a clear focus to “evolve our species past destructive non-renewable energy sources in favour of green and economically viable self-sustaining power generation technologies.” He also gained a new level of empathy – not just for other human beings, but for the universe and all living things. When we sat down for an interview, he said, “You have to do the biggest thing you can to help the world in the biggest way.” And in this case, that means taking his business acumen and applying it to have more impact in the world. Ayahuasca, it seems, has an ability to connect executives to the earth and unleash a limitless mindset for those who honor its medicinal properties. Those who experience it seem to develop a deeper interconnectedness between self, humanity, and Mother Earth. When they return to their work in the corporate world, they (and perhaps the whole world) are better because of it. Like always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave them as a comment below. Like what you are reading? Here is a free copy of Your Life on Purpose: Ten Simple Tips to Live a Life with Impact (no, you don’t have to give up your email). If you prefer to listen, here’s my 10-minute daily podcast on living intentionally. If you’d like to join my weekly newsletter where I share more thoughts like this and some love, you can do so by clicking here. .

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