Cashmere Exposed: Workers Torture Goats For The Clothes We Wear (Graphic Video)
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Cashmere Exposed: Workers Torture Goats For The Clothes We Wear (Graphic Video)

A recent PETA investigation into the cashmere into two of the world's top cashmere exporters revealed extreme cruelty the violent killing of cashmere goats.
Cashmere Exposed: Workers Torture Goats For The Clothes We Wear (Graphic Video)

What gives us the right to treat and use animals the way we do? Should we not be protecting the most innocent and most vulnerable? There are so many good things about our world, and so many good people on our planet with great hearts. Human beings are built with a moral , empathetic and ethical compass, and that’s what makes us so special. But somewhere along the way in human history, something sad happened. We turned into selfish mass consumers who are literally programmed and brainwashed to think, behave and believe a certain way. This campaign of mass marketing and propaganda exist in virtually all areas that surround human life, and this includes the treatment of animals. Empathy is something we are born with, as children we naturally want to protect the most innocent and vulnerable, but where does that go when we become adults? Today, billions of animals all over the world are raised for slaughter as a result of our mass consumption of meat and purchasing of other animal products, not to mention the clothes most of wear and other ‘goods’ that are raking in large amounts of money at the expense of living, sentient beings. When it comes to our consumption of animal products, it’s confusing to say the least. It not only destroys our health over time, but it’s also destroying our planet.

The wide spread attention the Amazon is getting right now is a great example, the biggest causes of deforestation in the Amazon is clearing way for animal grazing so we can eat meat. Despite all of this, we are and have been made to believe that consuming animal flesh is natural, healthy and necessary. This perspective could not be further from the truth. What’s probably the most important point to consider is that animals are being tortured as a result of consumerism. It’s quite confusing how we can have pets, like a dog, yet still eat the flesh of other sentient intelligent and emotional beings. How would you like it if someone came and tortured your pet for their consumption? How can you wear boots with animal fur on it? Would you be able to capture that animal and strip it of its fur yourself? There is a disconnect that exists between us an what is really happening. And that’s why videos like the one are extremely important to share. I am not trying to make anybody feel bad, I am simply trying to bridge the gap of that disconnect and have people ask themselves questions and their actions. It makes no sense how we can love some animals, yet participate, indirectly, in the torture of others. It’s a psychological mystery. A recent PETA expose into the cashmere industry in China and Mongolia, which are two of the world’s top cashmere exporters, revealed extreme cruelty to and the violent killing of cashmere goats.

The video is extremely graphic, and shows goats screaming in pain and fear as workers tear their hair out. After this, their throats are slit in the slaughterhouse an they are left to die. Goats suffered on every farm in China and Mongolia visited by the eyewitnesses.

There is no such thing as a human animal product.

These are living, sentient, emotional beings that share the planet with us. What gives us the right to do what we do to them? The treatment of animals on our planet is one of the, if not the biggest genocide in history.

The sad thing about it is that it continues today, but the good news is, the consciousness of everybody on our planet is shifting. More people are turning towards a cruelty free ways of life by voting with their dollar, changing their eating habits, and staying away from products that have exploited animals.

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