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CBDC Related News: Kill CBDCs and save cash

CBDC Related News: Kill CBDCs and save cash

Recently there has been a concerted push, globally, to implement central bank digital currencies (“CBDCs”).  Africa is always the testing ground for global initiatives as they’re the toughest nut to crack.  As forcing CBDCs onto Nigerians has failed, the globalists are trying to implement them in the West by stealth.  But make no mistake, whether they are nudged, coerced or forced into implementation, CBDCs are a key component in our sustainable slavery.

Below is a collection of articles from the last week or so and a variety of sources relating to CBDCs.

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The rise of the Biomedical Security State: The ultimate plan, devised by the global “elite,” is for a new world order, shifting government authority from sovereign states to powerful NGOs like the World Economic Forum (“WEF”), the International Monetary Fund (“IMF”), and the World Health Organization (“WHO”). Plans are afoot for a WHO-driven international pandemic treaty tied to a digital ID system, while IMF is promoting CBDC, which will allow complete tracking of monetary transactions.  Read more HERE.

Central Bank Digital Currency initiatives permeate agenda for World Economic Forum’s Summer Davos: The China-based, CCP-sponsored gathering, the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, is commonly referred to as “Summer Davos,” and it has been occurring for over a decade, but was paused during the covid hysteria era.  This year’s conference is advertised as an event focusing on the global economy. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that there is a very specific action item for Summer Davos this year, and it all points to the centralisation of power and more government control over the people, through the further weaponisation of money as a tool for control.  Given the co-chair lineup, it appears that the WEF and CCP want CBDCs to be at the top of the agenda for this year’s conference. Read more HERE.

MAS sets “supervisory expectations” to facilitate decarbonisation efforts: On 8 June the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) announced it will issue guidance to monitor “financial institutions’ transition planning processes to facilitate credible decarbonisation efforts by their clients.”  Speaking at the Financing Asia’s Transition (“FAST”) Conference, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, – Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for Social Policies, and Chairman of MAS – underscored “the need for financial supervisors to incentivise financial institutions and their customers to bring forward their actions to support longer-term climate-positive outcomes.” The guidance on transition planning will cover financial institutions’ governance frameworks and client engagement processes to manage climate-related financial risks and enable transition in the real economy towards net zero. 

The FAST Conference was jointly organised by MAS, BlackRock and Temasek and brought together key decision-makers across financial institutions and the real economy to catalyse green and transition finance.  MAS partnered with BlackRock, Convergence, Global-Asia Insurance Partnership (“GAIP”), and the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (“GFANZ”) Asia Pacific Network to organise four Finance for Net Zero (“FiNZ”) Connect roundtables after the FAST Conference.  Read more HERE ad HERE.

The Bank of England’s CBDC consultation amounts to a national scandal: The Bank of England (BoE) is quietly pushing for approval of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), while our national broadcaster stands idly by and provides little in the way of coverage.  The public consultation document for a retail CBDC was initially set to conclude on June 7 2023. It has now been extended until June 30 2023 due to an omission in the questionnaire.  Read more HERE.

The Bank of England is funding a digital wallet for a CBDC: The Bank of England is making strides in the CBDC arena by handing over a contract to Kin + Carta, a consultancy firm, for creating a “CBDC Sample Wallet Proof of Concept and Research.” A CBDC would give the government more control over the monetary system, including limiting and monitoring people’s spending and even having control over how they spend.  Read more HERE.

Bank of Israel is looking for ways to convince people to adopt Digital Shekel: The Bank of Israel is in high gear, mapping out strategies to pump up the uptake of its controversial CBDC as it mulls over the possibility of an official roll-out. The big picture: the central bank is banking on the digital shekel to be a game changer in the financial ecosystem.  Read more HERE.

French Bank Governor says it’s “very probably our duty to issue a CBDC”: In a speech on the future of the European banking landscape, François Villeroy de Galhau, the Governor of the Banque de France, emphasized the inevitability of the digital euro. He was addressing commercial bankers at the Global Official Institutions Conference organized by BNP Paribas on 22 June.  Read more HERE.

Africa’s first test run for a CBDC has failed: The transition to CBDC in Nigeria did not go as planned. Bloomberg reported that 90% of the country previously used cash for transactions. They did not want to convert to CBDC but were provided with no alternative. The people are continually protesting these measures as their society which was largely dependent on cash interactions has been destabilised. They are using Nigeria and other countries as test subjects before rolling out these programs in the West.  Read more HERE.

This is how central banks will quietly push CBDCs by stealth: The euro is the second most used currency in the world and the European Central Bank is proposing adding CBDCs to banking and payment apps that citizens already use.

The collapse of the US dollar and CBDCs: According to stats updated on 18 June compiled by the Federal Reserve Economic Data system, $79.16 billion exited American bank accounts from the start of the month up to 7 June.  What they’re trying to do is impose a CBDC.

During a presentation at a conference in Morocco last week, Kristalina Georgievahe, the managing director of the IMF, announced that the global body is “working hard on the concept of a global CBDC platform.” 

The push for slavery has never ended.  Slavery does not necessarily mean you are physically chained or restrained.  Slavery is much more insidious than that.  Slavery is the lack of freedom.  Watch more HERE.

Use supermarkets as little as possible:  To stay out of their system one of the things you can do is use supermarkets as little as possible.  It started with us being required to bag our own groceries, then we had to scan them too at the check-out. Now staff-less shops tied to facial recognition are being piloted with digital ID and automatic profile tracking – the aim being to extract your money or CBDC credits directly from your account without contact. If you have to go to the supermarket, refuse to use the self-checkouts, pay with cash, and talk to the staff – use it as an opportunity to brighten up the experience of others.  Read more HERE.

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