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Cell Phones: The Elephant in the Room

Cell Phones: The Elephant in the Room

Photo by NATHAN MULLET on Unsplash

It is difficult to talk to addicts about addictions and it is even harder to do so when their embrace of the drug of choice has dire consequences.

I once asked the ether if God had a cell phone, and although God didn’t reply, it was a rhetorical question, so I didn’t expect an answer since I knew God understood grammar and punctuation and had other ways of communicating.

The elites who consider themselves gods, such as those at the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and their ilk throughout governments, corporations, media, etc., know that cell phones are fundamental to their plan for a fully digitized world. They have promoted them for decades. 

Without cell phones their plan can’t work, a plan whose end is a trans-human world where AI, cyborgs, technology, and biology are melded for their authoritarian control.

Their non-vaccine “vaccines” are also necessary.  Penetrating cells of both sorts are means to their ends and the stories we are told are meant to infect our minds with a sick way of thinking that will allow them to exert more and more control.

Most people have fallen for their PR.  It’s called the-easy-life.  The stay-in-touch life. The never-be-out-of-touch-life.  The you’ll-be-lost-without-it-life.  The smart life.  The free life.

In reality it is a prisoner’s life. The miracle of the cell phone, the mystery of a virus and its “antidote,” and the authority of authoritarians are being used to try to quell the spirit of rebellion we were all born with – the promise of freedom.  Mystery, miracle, and authority – “vaccines” against freedom. 

Like the Grand Inquisitor in Dostoevsky’s legend, these sick elites are relying on the assumption that “man is tormented by no greater anxiety than to find some one quickly to whom he can hand over that gift of freedom with which the ill-fated creature is born.”

They may be in store for a big surprise.  People are starting to wake up to an attack on their fundamental freedoms.

Like the non-vaccine vaccines that they are promoting to exert more control with their plan to digitize existence with the Great Reset, those who presently control so much of the world they own, know that cell phones are moving shackles.  And they know they have created billions of addicts who can’t help themselves.

So much of the world has been hoodwinked into a trap, a prison.  It’s been a slow process that is approaching a climax.

There are no cells in cell phones, but their towers are arranged to form cells with each having a central tower in its geographical zone that keep users prisoners, as with the round Panopticon prisons with their central guard tower.  Cells in heads, heads in cells, cells everywhere.  The USA also has more prisoners in cells than any country in the world.

There are Towers of Babel all across the land, listening, watching, recording, as the prisoners gleefully scroll their black magic machines that have corralled their freedom. Machines that are likely ruining their health as well, but that is not my main focus here.

Unlike the nearly 2 million people in American jails, cell phone prisoners can roam, for their cells are mobile. That is their key. “Smart” phones for gullible people, or androids – “a mobile robot usually with human form” – are necessary, for they allow the authorities to follow and track your every move while you think you are skipping down easy street while carrying the equivalent of a GPS ankle monitor like digital jail prisoners. In this case, it is voluntary incarceration. And there is far more to it than having your location tracked.

Perhaps it is unfair to say that people’s embrace of cell phones are acts of freely giving up their freedoms, for the propagandists’ work has long softened up many minds to the idea of salvation through technology.  Like the technology of pharmaceutical drugs run by criminal Big Pharma, users of cell phones have been induced to consider convenience over conscience and the quick “fix” over slow deliberation. 

Yes, you can message your friends and even call them, but your enemies have your number now. And when they ask you for your papers, your freedom vaccines, all you need to do is flash that screen in your hand. After getting shot first.  To paraphrase Kris Kristofferson: Freedom’s just another word for everything left to lose.  But few are counting.

“What we got here is a failure to communicate,” says the Captain to the prisoner Luke in the classic movie Cool Hand Luke. “Some men you just can’t reach…which is the way he wants it.”

I’m afraid that’s how it is with owners of cell phones. It’s very hard to admit you have been had. People want their cell phones but don’t want to hear that they are the phone’s prisoners. But to say phone is too abstract. Phones can’t imprison and manipulate you. Only people can. The truth is hard to swallow. The cell phone is the key, and most people are in the cell without a key or clue. They have it and it has them.

But then aren’t cells inside us? I’ve heard it said that spike proteins teach cells to make a protein that triggers an immune response inside our bodies. But how do the cells get inside our bodies. I thought they were hand held. You see I am getting confused, for this kind of language is beyond my ken. I’m still trying to figure out how my computer can get a virus. Everything’s gone viral. Cells, viruses – what’s next?

I’m one of those idiots who still thinks Cat Scans are used to see if you like cats. Well I don’t know if that’s all true, ‘cause it’s got me, and baby, it’s got you. Sonny and Cher sung those words more than fifty years ago. Words stick. Ideas stick. Thinking and behaving in certain ways become habits. Linguistic mind control needs repetition – words like cells and viruses.

The medium is the message and the messenger is the m in the mRNA experimental non-vaccine vaccines. It’s so simple; all you need to do is get the message and get your experimental shot and wait for the consequences, just as with cell phones. Don’t worry about the price to be paid in health or freedom. Those are incidentals. Let the operating systems do their invisible work.

The way the story is framed controls the story.  As with cell phones and vaccines, most people do not see Donald Trump as a pseudo-event. A pseudo-event being, as described by Daniel Boorstin in his classic book, The Image: A Guide to Pseudo- Events in Americaa planned, dramatic, costly invention of a counterfeit story that is repeated and planned for its intelligibility and ability to capture the public’s attention since it conforms to stereotypes. 

In this case, Trump as a big-mouthed, uncouth bad guy who just happened to become the American President. Like I happen to be a man. Like you just happen to be reading this.  Just happenings. Trump in the role of the ignorant outsider who can be played off against the smart insider even when the fundamentals of the system that supports them barely change an iota while the bad guy runs the show. Straight from the Tube to the Tube as part of the Spectacle. Obama and Biden’s anti-doppelganger.

The story is told in a manner that the obvious is missed: That Trump was never an outsider.  He was one of the establishment’s performers from the start.  A perfect foil from the Tube for apprentices learning about reality.  You know, like the CDC says:“MRNA vaccines teach our cells how to make a protein—or even just a piece of a protein—that triggers an immune response inside our bodies.”  Very simple, teacher.  I see it now.

Are you immune to Trump? Biden? They are not the disease. They are its symptoms. They are twin heads of the Hydra. Now Trump has been “fired” with Biden’s turn to come. Cut them off and the monster will grow more heads unless by miracle a true leader arises with the courage of JFK or RFK. One who can avoid their assassins.

In January of 2021, the outsider Trump while still president, the anti-vaccine guy, the anti-Fauci guy, the anti-everything that’s good guy, the anti-science guy, the anti-China Wuhan lab Chinese virus guy, quietly got his Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, the same one Biden got.  He didn’t announce it, but said:

We took care of a lot of people — including, I guess … Joe Biden, because he got his shot, he got his vaccine. It shows you how unpainful that vaccine shot is … So everybody, go get your shot.

Of course Trump was the guy who fast-tracked the experimental vaccines through a program called Operation Warp Speed that funneled billions of dollars to vaccine manufacturers through a non-governmental third party, a defense contract management firm called Advanced Technologies International, Inc.  This avoided much public disclosure.

I say all this about Trump to make a rather simple point about cell phones and how the obvious is staring us in the face if we choose to see it. Trump and cell phones should have long been obvious. Yes, cell phones are convenient, but that is a minor part of the story. They are very dangerous for our freedoms and health. Yes, it is very convenient to see Trump as the bad guy but much harder to see the larger story in which Trump is a chosen player on the large chessboard created by the interconnected power elites. But Trump and the cell phone serve their functions. They didn’t just happen.

To abandon your cell phone or to abandon the false narrative that Trump is an outlier is very difficult.  But these are difficult times.

Can you see the elephant in the room? Join with those like Robert Kennedy, Jr. and other lovers of truth and freedom and fight back now. Everyone must seize their freedom now before it is too late. Cast fear aside; it is another of their key tools. Hope lies in group actions.

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