Check Out The Film That’s Raising Awareness About Cannabis & Seizure Treatment
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Check Out The Film That’s Raising Awareness About Cannabis & Seizure Treatment

You may have seen the #stoptheseizures movement and postcards popping up online in the early months of 2015.
Check Out The Film That’s Raising Awareness About Cannabis & Seizure Treatment

Parents across the country found solidarity with each other by attaching pictures of their children together with statements and messages that promoted the idea that children all across America are suffering and dying from seizure disorders that could potentially be reversed with one simple, non-toxic plant – cannabis. Yes, Cannabis. Not just cannabidiol (CBD), which is just one of hundreds of known cannabinoids in the plant that protects the brain, but the entire plant as a medicine.

These postcards were also printed out and mailed to Michelle Obama at the White House in an attempt to push for the re-scheduling of the plant. Cannabis has been listed as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that it doesn’t have any medicinal value, which the majority of people in this country have known is an obnoxious lie for many years now. One at a time, individual states have begun adopting medical cannabis laws, and peer-reviewed evidence has already been stacking up fast over the last decade, in addition to the thousands and thousands of success stories online, in books, magazines, documentaries, and now all over cable television. You would think that when Michelle Obama opened up those postcards and saw the faces of thousands of children who are suffering, many who won’t become teenagers or make friends or experience a lot of the things that most of us take for granted – that cannabis prohibition would have just ended, right? Yet again, the people who are supposed to protect us from those who would let us suffer are the very ones responsible for our suffering. So what exactly does rescheduling cannabis do for us, the people? Well, not nearly as much as it does for corporations and pharmaceutical companies. For us, it means that the White House is taking a baby step forward by admitting that cannabis has medicinal value. But we’re not babies, we are raising babies! And our babies are going to be old enough to be arrested and turned into criminals soon. Our babies are going to be old enough to develop serious disorders from being abused and captured by the police or abducted by CPS. No one should have to fear incarceration for using or providing Cannabis, but patients and honest people are still filling courts every day across the country. Our tax dollars are paying for parents to be sent to jail or prison and taken away from their families for using cannabis. If cannabis could help children with Autism and their families have a better and safer life, then this is something that parents need to be informed about right now. Families in CBD-only states whose children need to use THC or THC-a to prevent seizures, cure cancer, or reverse Autism impairment are being attacked not only by the police and Child Protective Services (CPS), but by CBD companies, politicians, and even parents themselves who are trying to start their own “hemp” companies or who are looking to profit from the CBD market at the expense of millions of suffering children. You can legally use cannabis for medical reasons in almost half of America now, but Autism is not a qualifying condition in any of the United States, except for California, where a doctor can prescribe to any patient they feel benefits medicinally. We are making a film to raise awareness about humanity’s need to free this plant and in turn free ourselves from much of the insanity that depriving humanity of its benefits has caused us for generations. This film is called “The Whole Plant: Working Together.” Aside from documenting the simplicity of sharing genetics with parts of the country that lack them, we have many families who are eager to share their stories on how cannabis medicines have changed their lives or reversed or treated serious medical conditions for themselves or their children. We’ll be filming with experts and professionals from different fields including cannabis, medical, educational, and law enforcement. And we want to show that it isn’t just about stopping seizures with a magic potion and it doesn’t negatively affect the memory or intelligence of a child who needs it. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Cannabis regulates hormones while redirecting the neurons so they’re flowing instead of misfiring. It’s about giving our children the dopamine that isn’t there. It’s about watching them become capable of more and more every day, being happier and feeling better in their own bodies. For some kids it’s about living, period. What we have been seeing across the United States is that when a parent tries a high CBD oil for their child in a state with a CBD-only law without having much success, they’ve already reduced enough of the stigma of using cannabis for their child – and chancing the law – that they are most often ready to try medicines with more THC, THC-a, or whatever they hear may work. This is an attitude that should be encouraged, even if we all do not agree with it for our own families. Our children should not have the experience of suffering and passing away because of laws and greedy companies, when great men and women have been educating us for centuries NOT to obey laws that are unjust. When we do what is right for our children and our families, we set an example that will ripple across the world. Our children are OURS. Either help us, or get the hell out of our way, we’re coming! Please come visit our Kickstarter for the film and our website and check out all of the updates to see a few stories about some very special kids who can grow up now because of Cannabis!! The Whole Plant Kickstarter The Whole Plant Cannabis Website Sources: The Scientist Medical Jane About the author: .

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