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Chicago Doctors See “Truly Remarkable” Success Using Ventilator Alternatives To Treat COVID-19

Doctors at the University of Chicago Medicine are seeing “truly remarkable” results using high-flow nasal cannulas rather than ventilators and intubation to treat some COVID-19 patients.

Chicago Doctors See “Truly Remarkable” Success Using Ventilator Alternatives To Treat COVID-19

Are there better ways of doing things when it comes to COVID-19? Has this issue been politicized, which prevents us from receiving accurate information about it? A lot of noise is being made right now about a vaccine being the only realistic way to treat COVID-19 patients, and the entire population. Bill Gates, who is funding many of the current vaccine efforts that are currently in development has emphasized that “things won’t go back to truly normal” until there is a vaccine that has been made available for billions of people to take.

There are even rumours in the air that there will be an attempt to make the vaccine necessary if one wants to travel or return to work, for example, but a recent poll in Canada suggests that half of the population doesn’t believe that making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory is the right thing to do. With all of the money that multiple governments and people like Bill Gates are investing into developing a vaccine, the complete censorship of information coming out regarding other treatments as been a common theme. Not only is information regarding a COVID-19 treatment that isn’t a vaccine usually censored and ridiculed by mainstream media, a lot of information with sound evidence, science, and examples is being labelled online as ‘fake news.’ We’ll get to a few example later on in the article, for now I wanted to point your attention to what doctors at the University of Chicago have seen. Doctors at the University of Chicago Medicine are seeing “truly remarkable” results using high-flow nasal cannulas rather than ventilators and intubation to treat some COVID-19 patients. High-flow nasal cannulas, or HFNCs, are non-invasive nasal prongs that sit below the nostrils and blow large volumes of warm, humidified oxygen into the nose and lungs. A team from UChicago Medicine’s emergency room took dozens of COVID-19 patients who were in respiratory distress and gave them HFNCs instead of putting them on ventilators.

The patients all fared extremely well, and only one of them required intubation after 10 days. “The success we’ve had has been truly remarkable,” said Michael O’Connor, MD, UChicago Medicine’s Director of Critical Care Medicine. Since the first COVID-positive patient was admitted March 13, UChicago Medicine has successfully treated and discharged 297 patients with the virus. Even as the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients has grown, doctors have managed ventilator usage. As of Wednesday, UChicago Medicine had 137 COVID-19 patients, but only 27 of them were on ventilators.

The medical staff has avoided mechanical ventilation on 40% of patients, and extubated 50% of those who needed ventilators, O’Connor said. (source) You can read more about it from the press release, here As mentioned above, a lot of potential treatments are being touted as a “fake news,” but if you really look into it, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Intravenous Vitamin C is one of them. Medicine in Drug Discovery, of Elsevier, a major scientific publishing house, recently published an article on early and high-dose IVC in the treatment and prevention of Covid-19.

The article was written by Dr. Richard Cheng, MD, PhD, a US board-certified anti-aging specialist from Shanghai, China. Dr. Cheng has been updating everyone via his YouTube channel about vitamin C treatment cases out of China prior to the publication of this article.

The principle investigator for “Vitamin C Infusion for the Treatment of Severe 2019-nCoV Infected Pneumonia” (, which is a clinical trial underway in China using intravenous Vitamin C to treat COVID-19, ZhiYong Peng, who is also a professor and the Chief of Critical Care Medicine at Zhongnan Hospital, in Wuhan, China recently hoped on Youtube to provide more updates. A summary of that chat goes as follows: You can refer to Dr. Cheng’s YouTube Channel to watch the full interview(s). Or you can access the transcript of it, here. In the United States, the latest news of this treatment comes from a medical spa who was using the treatment that’s now been charged with health care fraud.

The FBI recently raided the medical facility where this was being done. “The complaint alleges the Medicare claims were unreasonable, unnecessary or did not occur as reported. It also alleges that Dr. Charles Mok used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to push Vitamin-C as a treatment for the virus – despite scant evidence that this is true. ” (source) ClickOnDetroit reported that Mok also did a Facebook Live video while giving a vitamin C IV treatment for free to a Detroit cop. He reportedly said in the footage: ‘What I’m finding in practice – I treat a lot of COVID patients – is that if we catch people early, get them on intravenous vitamin C, they turn around really fast.’ According to a recent article by the New York Post: Seriously sick coronavirus patients in New York state’s largest hospital system are being given massive doses of vitamin C — based on promising reports that it’s helped people in hard-hit China,.

The Post has learned. Dr. Andrew G. Weber, a pulmonologist and critical-care specialist affiliated with two Northwell Health facilities on Long Island, said his intensive-care patients with the coronavirus immediately receive 1,500 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C. Dr. Weber told the post that vitamin C is helping a “tremendous amount.” The post also claims that multiple hospitals on Manhattan’s Upper East side are using Vitamin C as a coronavirus treatment throughout the system. Again this is something we don’t hear much about, and if we do it’s often ridiculed or at the very least made out to be controversial by big media. Why aren’t we openly and rigorously exploring such treatments? What’s going on here? Hydroxychloroquine Zinc seem to also be going through the same controversy, you can read more about that below in a couple of recent articles we published that go into more detail. Professor Didier Raoult Publishes Results of a Hydroxychloroquine Treatment Study on 1061 Patients LA Doctor: COVID-19 Patients Go From ‘Very Ill’ To ‘Symptom-Free’ In 8 To 12 Hours With Hydroxychloroquine Zinc The idea that fear and hysteria are pushed, and in many cases, unnecessarily created is a common theme in modern history. Governments and corporations have always capitalized on this fear and hysteria by pushing authoritarian measures upon the population. This was also the sentiment recently expressed by Dr. Ron Paul, and Edward Snowden among many others. I’ve written about the ‘powers that be’ creating problems and then proposing solutions for a long time, and there are many examples. When a ‘crises’ like the one we are in with COVID-19 happens, it always serves the collective. Look at 9/11 for example, despite that tragedy it helped shift the consciousness of millions of people around the world. COVID-19 is doing the same, the censorship of information, the information, and the measures that are being taken are forcing people to think, to ask questions, to question what they are being told and at the very least, wonder what’s really going on here. This outbreak has also been a great opportunity for people to see where government allegiance truly lies. Even the pharmaceutical companies have been able to purchase congress.

They’re the largest lobbying entity in Washington D.C.

They have more lobbyists in Washington D.C. than there are congressman and senators combined.

They give twice to congress what the next largest lobbying entity is, which is oil and gas... Imagine the power they exercise over both republicans and democrats.

They’ve captured them (our regulatory agencies) and turned them into sock puppets. (source) Why do we continue to elect, follow, listen to and believe entities and people who clearly don’t have our best interests in mind? They constantly take actions in the name of good will, but are those actions really to protect us, or to benefit them? It’s time we start relying on ourselves. Our healthcare, our food systems and more are all controlled by big interests, but the biggest thing that’s controlled and the biggest thing we need to take control of and rely on ourselves for is our own consciousness. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions and more. We need to start thinking for ourselves, and stop letting others do the thinking for us, especially when it comes to major events, like COVID-19. Two Emergency Medicine Doctors On Why Quarantine “Just Doesn’t Make Sense” If You Die of a Clear Alternative Cause, It’s Still Listed As A COVID Death” – Dr. Ngozi Ezike Vimeo Bans Documentary Exposing “Big Pharma’s” Influence Within The World Health Organization Wikileaks Highlights The Influence “Big Pharma” Has On The World Health Organization New Study: The Flu Vaccine Is “Significantly Associated” With An Increased Risk of Coronavirus Bill Gates’ Latest Instagram Post Has Been Bombarded With Accusations Comments Against Vaccines Renowned Microbiology Specialist On Why He Believes Coronavirus Measures Are “Draconian” (Video) Renowned German Pulmonologist Questions Coronavirus Measures If They’re Necessary (Video) Updates On The New Coronavirus Vaccine – Are You Going To Take It? Will It Be Mandatory? Spring Has Sprung In Sweden With No Coronavirus Quarantine Or Police Enforced Lockdown Some New York Hospitals Are Now Treating Coronavirus With High Dose Vitamin C Conscious Truth Behind Coronavirus Lockdown Coronavirus Is Proving The Human Race Can Come Together, For Anything, At Anytime White House: Out of 327 Million Americans – Coronavirus May Kill Up To 200,000 Edward Snowden: Governments Shouldn’t Have The “Mandatory Authority” To Keep People Inside Scientist Predicts Second Wave of COVID-19 Because “Social Distancing” Has Prevented “Herd Immunity” More Physicians Go On The Record Explaining Why COVID-19 Deaths May Be Exaggerated Coronavirus Deaths May Be Miscalculated Dr. Ron Paul Gets Flagged As “Fake News” For Sharing His Opinion About Coronavirus Donald Trump Says The Coronavirus Was “Artificially Induced.” Canadian Prime Minister Says We Won’t Return To Normal “Until A Vaccine Is Developed” Bill Gates: We Won’t Go Back To “Normal Until” A Vaccine Has “Gotten Out To The Entire World” LA Doctor: COVID-19 Patients Go From ‘Very Ill’ To ‘Symptom-Free’ In 8 To 12 Hours With Hydroxychloroquine Zinc Confirmed: High-Dose Vitamin C Has Successfully Treated 50 Moderate to Severe COVID-19 Patients else.

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