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Chinese ‘Green’ Biodiesel Sent to EU Likely Fake, Climate Orgs Claim

Allegedly “green” biodiesel being shipped into Europe from Communist China is likely fake, various climate organisations have claimed.

Chinese ‘Green’ Biodiesel Sent to EU Likely Fake, Climate Orgs Claim

A number of organisations concerned with the manufacturing and distribution of green biodiesel have reportedly now suspect that a lot of the fuel being shipped into Europe from China is fake. Due to various EU legal requirements and climate subsidies, China’s biodiesel industry is now reportedly booming, with manufacturers in the East being able to ship large quantities of the manufactured combustible into Europe for a sizable profit. However, according to a report by Bloomberg, organisations involved in certifying such fuels, as well as protecting biodiesel enterprises operating within the EU, now believe that a significant amount of the Chinese fuel entering the continent is fake. While the fuel is ostensibly supposed to be made using food waste in order to minimise environmental impact, experts now believe that some of the fuel entering Europe is made in part or entirely out of crops specially grown for the purpose of being turned into diesel. This is due to the fact that more “green” fuel is being made in the communist nation than thought to be physically possible, with many experts being of the belief that there is simply not enough food waste available to Chinese companies for them to be able to produce the sheer volume of supposedly climate-friendly biodiesel they are exporting. Companies in China are also thought to be cutting product sent West with cheaper ingredients, something that also vastly changes the environmental impact of the fuels burnt. To make matters worse, the diluting or substituting of materials within the biodiesel is said to be near undetectable once the finished product is made, with one expert saying that with “an already refined product that’s been chemically transformed into biodiesel, it’s hardly possible to know” what ingredients were actually used.

The possibility that green fuels entering the EU are actually not as they advertised raises serious questions regarding the bloc’s green policies. Brussels has implemented various targets and recommendations forcing corporations and countries within the union to adopt the use of green fuels, with some amount of supposedly green alternative fuel being required for use in air travel from 2025, with it to make up 70 per cent of what’s filling planes by 2050. How effective such measures will actually be are highly questionable now that it appears that lots of green fuels sloshing around the continent are not green at all. Apart from the bloc’s climate targets, the fake fuels are also reportedly damaging local biodiesel producers on the continent, with Chinese companies being able to undercut EU competitors while availing of climate subsidies. This has ultimately resulted in many EU producers being put to pasture, unable to compete with the supply of dodgy diesel being pumped into Europe. “The threat is really existential for certain companies,” European Biodiesel Board Secretary-General Xavier Noyon remarked regarding the issue.

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